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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1949,   pp. 64-67 PDF (828.7 KB)

Page 66

Edna's dress shop opened in October. It was located in the old
post office building.
Kathryn Gerhard and Paul Lamboley were married.
Winners of the scout Jack-O-Lantern contest were, Neil Brunner,
first prize, Paul and Roger Cate second prize and the third prize was
won by Alan MacDonald.
At its annual meeting the rod and gun club discussed having a
fox hunt in November.
Coach Hageman ended his coaching days at Belleville that November.
He coached for eight years at Belleville High School. His eight year
record for all football games, conference and non conference showed
thirty-nine wins, fourteen losses. A percentage of .735.
Postmaster Charles McCormick reminded everyone that unsealed
Christmas cards would require two cents postage instead of one and one
half cenT stamps.
The annual Christmas contest was held at the Rexal drugstore again.
The grand prize winner was Ray Francois. He won a bicycle.
Nineteen forty-nine ended a decade that the world can never forget.
After starting to recover from a great depression we were plunged into
a world war, leaving behind the knowledge that the world would never be
the same again.
What made Belleville so unique from any other community? It
probably wasn't. It was because of the efforts of so many smtl communities
that made us the stronger of the nations at war. Everyone believed in
what they were doing. We all had heroes, someone to look up to and be
proud of. We had a common cause. When everyone combined their efforts

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