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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1947,   pp. 53-58 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 54

The Illinois Central train became stalled near Monroe. The stork
also put in an appearance. It brought a baby girl to Mr. & Mrs. Ray
Sherman, who arrived at the hospital just before thestorm reached its
height.A baby boy arrived for Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fischl after they
walked a mile in the deep snow to get where a car could pick them up
to take them to the hospital. Only one accident occured In Belleville
as a direct result of the storm. Norman Olson and Ralph Goodman were
trying to get home early and due to the blizzard conditions ran into
a car that was stalled across the road. Norman received a badly cut
chin and other bruises.
It was estimated by February, 1947, that World War II had cost
every individual in the United States $2,430.00 represented by his
share of the public debt.
In March of 1947 Mrs. Adele Lamboley died. She had fallen pre-
viously and broke her hip. In 1906 Mrs. Lamboley and her husband
purchased the telephone system in Belleville. She was eighty years,
one month and five days old at the time of her death.
About ten acts were entered in the amateur show sponsored by the
Tilton Commedlans. From these, three prizes were awarded. Mary Flannagan
placed first. She sang the song PERFECT DAY. Little Juanita Sandridge
and Frederick Zweifel received second place. They sang UNCLE REMUS.
Betty Zwelfel and Rose Sherman presented a tumbling act for third place.
The Belleville Auto Co. received its first 1947 Chevrolet. They
put It up for sale to a veteran only. Any veteran who wished to buy
the car was to submit their name by eight P. M. Wednesday, April 9.

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