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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1946,   pp. 49-52 PDF (942.4 KB)

Page 51

anytime. Ice cubes were available when ordered.
There was a double wedding of sisters. Luane Christen married
Herbert A. Blaser. Her sister Valaria was united with Willard Meland.
Marion Judd and Donald Meyer were also married that summer.
Because of meat shortages, Buss's market and Weber's locker
plant were closed Sundays.
At the annual school board meeting Fred Brunner was elected as
director of the school board to succeed Robert Fahey. Linus Doyle
was elected as clerk. A proposed budget of $38,405 was accepted.
There was an increase of $1,000 over the previous year.
In July it was noted that fifty experienced carpenters were needed
to build veterans housing at Truax Field in Madison. The wage was
one dollar and fifty cents an hour. There was room and board available
at the site.
August of 1946 found Jack Hofmaster and Herman Diederich Jr.
chosen to play in the all state high school band at Camp Randall in
Madison. There were one hundred sixty-three members. Jack played the
drums, and Herman played the tuba.
Joseph McCarthy toured the state campaigning for the United States
The hourly wage rate reached a record high. The average hourly
earning for workers in manufacturing industry reached a record high
of one dollar and seven cents an hour. The average weekly earnings
were forty-two dollars and ninety-two cents.
The director of astronautics at the Sorbonne University in Paris
hoped to send the first atomic energy rocketship to Mars by 1960. No
humans would be aboard the inter-planet rocket ships on Its first
fifteen day trip to Mars.

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