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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1945,   pp. 42-48 PDF (1.5 MB)

Page 47

RECORDER vowed to send the paper to all servicemen until everyone
was home.
In November, the last war loan went into effect. The slogan was
"They finished their job; let's finish ours."
Gertrude Ziehli left for nurse's training in Freeport, Illinois
and Marilyn Brunner was to enter the Marquette School of Nursing.
Claudette Loughed entertained eighteen friends at a Halloween
Arthur Flanagan and Philip Fahey were elected co-captains of the
football team that season.
Mrs. Minne Jordon observed her eighty-ninth birthday in November
1945. Mrs. Jordan was born in Dayton in the days when Indians
camped on the banks of the Sugar River. For a nickel she was
permitted to see the papooses, and she remembered how the squaws
cooked turtle eggs for food.
General Electric made a movie of the Citizens State Bank personnel
and some farmers of the area. The purpose of the movie was to show
the possibilities and advantages of electricity on farms. They
wanted to bring out the fact that farmers using electricity in so many
different ways were the money making farmers. Those appearing in the
picture were Walter Schindler, Fred Schrepfer and Robert Fahey, Sr.
Clifford Scott observed his twenty-fifth anniversary with the
Citizens State Bank.
More than four hundred students and alumni of the University of
Wisconsin lost their lives in the defense of our freedom in World War II.
Belleville celebrated the first "Old Time" Christmas in three years

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