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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1943,   pp. 30-36 PDF (1.6 MB)

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of the people of the community. The new office was housed in the
Matzinger Building in the room formerly occupied by Herb Elmer's
barbershop. The board consisted of Reverand Oscar Stanke chairman,
Harley Rasmussen, Everette Gillette, H. S. Hoesly, and J. H. Gerard.
Miss Ida Voegli would act as secretary.
The Office of Price Administration (0. P. A.) reduced the
next coffee ration from one pound every five weeks to one pound every
six weeks.
A couple of Belleville youngsters pulled good ones on their
parents. Young Billy Butts went home from Sunday school and informed
his mother that he had a new name. When asked what it was, he said,
"Present." He then explained that was what he was supposed to
answer when the teacher took roll-call. Diane Weber, while saying
her prayers one night, added a new twist to her ritual. "Now I lay
me down to sleep. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."
Dr. R. F. Smith, veternarlan, opened his office in Belleville.
The Red Cross drive went over the top. The joint quota for the
village of Belleville and the town of Montrose township was nine
hundred twenty-five dollars. The total collected was one thousand
eighty-five dollars. During the month of March the ladies of the local
Red Cross made fifty boys shirts, six baby quilts, one stretcher
quilt, fourteen pairs of wristlets, three turtleneck army sweaters,
one sleevless army sweater, and one army helmet.
"Do you want a ride In a jeep? A real United States Army Jeep
like the boys are using in Africa and other battle fronts? Well,
if you do, all you need is a little ticket showing that you purchased

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