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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1943,   pp. 30-36 PDF (1.6 MB)

Page 31

Two had risen to a rank higher than private.
The Boy Scouts held a court of honor and fifteen boys receieved
pins, Billy and Jim Adams, Robert Babler, Roy Baumgartner, Herman
Diedrich, Victor Fritz, Francis Fritz, Bill Clark, Don Burke, Howard
Fredrickson, Jack Hofmaster, Jerry Elmer, Roger Schmetter, Bertel Weber,
and John Zentner.
"Bambi" was a big movie that year playing at the Capitol
theatre in Madison.
The annual Fireman's Dance was held in February at Genin's Hall.
Bernard Freitag and his orchestra provided the music. Admission was
fifty cents per person.
Two homes were quarantined with the measles: the Melvin Becker
residence, where his grandson was down with the measles; and Warren
Rolfe, where Arlene was just recovering from them.
Scarlet fever had quarantined the Bert Weber and Frances Flanagan
A grocery ad for the A. & G. Store advertised the perfect meat
substitute, BEANS. California limas for thirteen cents a pound; fancy
red kidney, ten cents a pound; and great northern, ten cents a pound.
The Emporium in Madison advertised all wool coats and suits.
The prices ranged from fourteen dollars and ninety-five cents to six-
teen dollars and ninety-five cents.
Roosevelt and Churchill met in Casablanca.
Governor Goodland of Wisconsin asked the Legislature to cut
two thousand dollars from the budget.
In rural Belleville, Charley and Paul Viney Jr. were quarantined
with the measles.
Belleville was to have Its own rationing board for the convenience

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