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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1942,   pp. 19-29 PDF (2.5 MB)

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for the duration of the war. The purpose of this bill was to
achieve greater efficiency in the country's industrial war
Belleville Auto announced "No new cars" at least for the duration.
For the first time In history, the United States Marines
would accept married men as recruits. To be accepted, married
men had to bring affidavidts at the time of enlistment signed
by wives or children asserting that their families were not dependant
on them.
Belleville needed civilian defense workers. All men and
women over seventeen years of age were asked to put themselves at
the disposal of their community to act in time of an emergency.
There were one hundred different types of jobs which they could select
to contribute to the national defense.
Roberts Drug Store had a box where you could deposit your old
toothpaste, shaving cream and other empty tubes. They were ninety-
eight percent tin and were an urgent need for the war program.
After five weekends it was found that the extra day of school
work was to heavy a schedule for the grade school children and so
for this age group it was discontinued.
At the end of February G. A. Lehnherr, owner of the Royal
Blue Store, added his son-in-law, John Olson and his daughter
Esther Lehnherr Olson, as a partner.
Rodney Berg was chosen basketball captain by his teammates.
All over Dane County in every voting precinct, people registered
to do their part for defense. Village President P. A. GenIn urged
all men and women to register. Belleville responded In a fine way

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