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The Thistle

[Literary],   pp. [23]-[25]

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lunior Class Mom 
Should you ask me whence this knowledge,        Into harbors near and far.
Whence these views of future clear,            And upon the deck is seated
Withlife time                                  Bertha, of old school day
Withmtheiroglimpsesfoftthe           She has started for a journey 
Of our class in" after years,                  Round the earth by sea
and land, 
Of the strange and startling future             For she's given her life
to travel; 
With its revelatins queer;                     Then she writes of what she
I should answer, I should tell you              Writes of sunny India's rivers,
Of a vision, clear, convincing,                 Writes of Russia's frozen
Vision such as mortal never saw before.         Adine of     tse fr contries
One ay a I st muingAnd in one of these far countries 
One day as I sat musingSisurenantesn 
Of the present and the past,                   Sits our Verna in the sun
My thoughts wandered toward the future         Teaching little Hindoo children
My toughs wnderd twardtheHow to read and how to write. 
And things that might come to pass.             Hen th re      t how    me
Then I saw as in a vision--                    Then the prophet showed me
Teaw orem  easy  avi -                  A tent of wide dimensions 
Memory with her quil   r and volume             Filled with people shouting,
And Sir Prophet with his book.                  Watching Howard, a lion tamer.
Adir Proptthete witly hiook.  g              Near the large tent was a smaller
While I sat there mutely wondering              Filled with all good things
to eat 
What these airy dreams might mean:             Which Gilbert sold to all
the people, 
"Would you like," said memory softly           Making him a mighty
"To look back across the past,                 Fortune fit for one so
Then look forth into the futurePrpetundafwmepgs 
Of your glorious Junior class?"                Prophet turned a few
more pages 
And I nodded, wondering, dreaming               Where I beheld a stately
While Memory opened wide her book.              William of old High School
Memory read first from her pages,               Next I saw a handsome mansion
Then the Prophet sage and wise                  And a peep within it showed,
Showed me of the future clearly,               Veo, in cushioned chair reclining,
Showed me all my classmates future.            With her servants bowed before
"On the first leaf I see dimly"                And she's reading
from a paper 
Read the prophet from his book,                 "Shall women vote, or
shall they not?" 
"A great church with people filling            Then she glances down
tne pages 
Come to hear the preacher great."              And sees Minnie's name
And the preacher, it is Wesley,                Prophet rustling o'er hm 
Wesley, now grown quite renowned;              Showed me next a crowded h
And from far they come to hear him,            Where Kathyrn, with dark incantations
Hear him all the Word expound.                  Whre  an,         with  r
And up in the choir loft sitting               Charms and bewitches with
'her art. 
As a singer, known of old                       Slam went Prophet's book
As our meek and bashful Efflie,                And I start up with a jerk
Now rown reat nnote and bas. EMemory, Prophet, both have vanished 
Now grown great in note and song.              And I mutely gaze around,
Then another page is opened                    Wondering whether these dim
Opened to a wide, wide sea,                    Are but creations of the mind.
Where a ship is sailing proudly,               Then I notice the sun is sinking
Guided by a master hand,                       Round and rosy in the west,
And I recognized a schoolmate,                  And I hasten for a pencil
Benson Schaub, a pilot now,                     To write down down these
startling visions 
E're of them I do forget.  VERNA PERRIGO. 

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