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The Thistle

Music,   pp. [21]-[22]

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SiE¬Ęs~                                A   raBcd4   I 0tt 
The music of the High School is one of its     It was on the twenty-first
day of January," 
chief features. Two mornings in each week,     in the year of Our Lord nineteen
hundred and 
Monday and Tuesday, the morning exercises      eight, that six worthy Juniors
betook them- 
are devoted to general singing, led by Miss    selves to the laboratory for
German recita- 
Challoner.                                     tion, not knowing a cloud
of disaster hung 
The girls have organized a Glee Club under   over their heads. 
the instruction of Miss Challoner. The club      Two of the class reached
the laboratory 
practices every Tuesday night and is doing    first, the rest having been
detained in the 
some good work in music.                       hall to allow their worthy
schoolmates, the 
SOME FAVORITE SONGS.                  Seniors, to pass into the recitation
room for 
"I'm so Very Lonesome, Dear," V- S-          American Literature.
"Love me and the World is Mine" J- S-          Just as these two
unsuspecting damsels 
"Floradora"  H- C-                          reached the room they
heard a rumbling and 
"Every little bit added to what you've got   grumbling proceeding from
some region over 
makes a little bit more"  W- T-                their heads. In great
alarm they glanced up, 
"Speed Away"    V- V-                        and saw what appeared
to them a great ava- 
"Oh, I'm a Wise Old Owl"   E- C-             lanche coming right
down upon them. One 
"I'm coming close to eighty years"  B- S--   of the girls, who
had had training at basket 
"Honey Boy"   T- G-                          ball, fairly leaped
out of danger's way, but 
"Wait till the Sun Shines, Nellie" G- F-     the other was not
quick enough to escape be- 
"You mustn't pick Plums from my Plum         ing pelted with the falling
tree"  F- R-                                     The remaining members
of the class for- 
"Moon Winks."    L- W-                       tunately appeared
upon the scene just at this 
"Teasing."  M- S-                            time. A gallant young
man showed great 
"He was a Little Tin Soldier."  M- C-        presence of mind by
quickly helping out the 
injured and rushing for a glass of cool, spark- 
Freshman- "That's a beautiful song. It       ling water. After bing
refreshed, the extent 
simply carries me away."                       of her injuries was inquired
into.  Her beau- 
She-"I'm sorry I didn't sing it earlier in  tiful hair had suffered
most, it being hard to 
the evening." -Ex.                             tell at this time whether
the original color 
was black, brown or white, But with great 
SONG OF FRESHMEN.                   diligence and perseverance the foreign
Sing a song of Freshmen,                 ter was removed, and the afflicted
one betook 
Sitting in a row.                       herself to her home. She appeared
next day, 
Oh! how many foolish things              as well as ever, amid great rejoicing
of the 
Their verdant minds do know.            Junior class. They were extremely
When the school was opened               that no one was injured, but they
deem   it 
They all began to sing:                 prudent from that day to this to
enter the 
"Oh! won't we have a jolly time?         laboratory with books on their
We know we're just the thing."            "Beware of falling plaster."
Sing a song of Seniors- 
Seniors proud and wise. 
See their fund of knowledge 
Just beaming from their eyes. 
When the school was opened                   Freshmen maxim: "Where
ignorance is 
They  all began  to  sing:                 Frs,   'tim       folly  tonorancee."
"We're aiming toward the honored place     bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."
When we appear next spring."               "Ability is good: Stay-bility
is better." 

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