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The Thistle

Applied quotations,   pp. [19]-[20]

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Applied Quotations 
Ruby W.-                                     Wesley S.- 
"She has two eyes, so soft and brown,        If on the walk you chance
to meet 
Take care!                                  A slender, tall and silent youth,
She gives a side glance and looks down,      Who smiles down from his full
six feet 
Beware! Beware!                             You're sure to gess the truth.
It's Wesley Schaal. 
Joseph S.- 
"I am no orator as Brutus is,              Effie C. - 
But as you all know me, a plain blunt,    "For she's a jolly good fellow,
that no one 
man."                                        will deny." 
Toney G.-                                     Grace- 
"He is so smooth and slim.                   A winning way, a pleasant
Its quite a treat to look at him"         A maid demure with eyes on
She's made for ease and a quiet nook. 
Orrie S.-                                          Is Grace. 
"He's a very little rascal in everything." 
Hazel-                                      Howard- 
"H eql fThere was a broad boy from the farm, 
"With equal form and equal grace."            Who to fall in love
thought it no harm. 
Florence R. -                                    In Morgan they say 
They all do it that way. 
"The smile on her face is but the reflection  But the state be was in
caused alarm. 
of the feeling of her heart." 
Mable-                                          "I never saw 3o young
a body with so old 
"She wears a happy face,                         a head 
'Tis full of winning grace. 
On those who know her well                Josephine S. - 
She casts a pleasant spell."                "Hang sorrow! Let's
be merry!" 
Lewis W. -                                   Pearl Y. - 
"I am resolved to grow fat and look young     "She was a modest,
gentle flower." 
until forty." 
William T.- 
Kathryn G.-                                    "Few things are impossible
to diligence and 
"She has a complextion like a sunset blush,      skill." 
and enough hair rising above her head 
to fit out two girls of her size."      Bertha- 
Gilbert-                                        "If you want a friend
that true, I'm on 
"Young fellows will be young fellows."           your list."

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