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The Oriole year book: Evansville Junior College


May 1   Business students give a class party at Noyes home. Each one brings
a guest. When door bell rings, don't know whether it's a May basket or some
coming for the evening. 
May 2-Total eclipse of moon. 
May 14 Guy Guernsey L. L. B. gives an interesting speech. 
May 20-Annual picnic at Albany. All students have the time of their lives
and wish the time did not fly  so fast. 
May 21-First musicale given. Impressive music played. 
May 28-Second musicale. Church crowded. 
May 30-E. J. C. and High School join in union and hear the Baccalaureate
sermon conducted by Rev. Misdall. 
May 31-Phoenix Literary program, given by graduates. 
June 1, 2:30 P. M.- Commencement exercises. 
June 1, 7:30 P. M.-Alumni reception. 
Gillingham "What little boy can tell me where the home of the swallow
Humphrey "Is it the stummick?" 
"Why, Mabel;" said a mother to her four year old daughter, "you've
got one of yuur stockings on wrong side out." 
"I put it on that way," explained the little Miss, "cause
ther's a hole on the other side." 
Gillingham "Who can make a sentence with the word 'gruesome' in it?"
Murphy   "I can! The man stopped shaving and gruesome whiskers!"
Sunday School Superintendent "Who led the children of Israel into Canaan??
Will one of the smaller boys answer." 
No reply. 
Superintendent (somewhat sternly)  "Can no one tell? Little boy on that
seat the aisle, wjho led the children of Israel into Canaan?"
Eddie Kurz (badly frightened) -"It wasn't me, I-I just moved yere last
week from Chicago. 
Shorty ,Davis was trying to explain the meaning of the word "conceited
which had occurred in the course of a lesson. "Now boys," he said,
"suppose that I was always boasting of my learni g  that I knew a great
deal of bookkeeping, for in,tance, or that my personal appearance was that
I was very good-looking you knowwhat would you say I was?" 
Sturdy-"Sure, sir, I'd say you were a liar." 

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