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The Oriole year book: Evansville Junior College


Dec. 20  Vacation begins. Depot crowded. Did Laura and Joe get tickets for
the same place? 
Dec. 25 Everybody eating turkey and mince pie around home firesides. 
Dec. 31 Many watch the old year out and the new year in. 
Jan. 2-All Sem. students, spending vacation In Evansville, take a nice long
sleigh ride. That evening Clara Hazeltine has a Bill and the Bill has not
been settled yet. 
Jan. 7-$Some excitement when the friends meet again after the two weeks vacation.
New student, Jack Loring. 
Jan. 8-School starts. New supply of teachers. 
Jan. 11  Bud and Jack appear with new spring hats. Heaviest storm of season.
Jan. 12  Bud and Jack campussed. 
Jan, 19-Lecture given by Jane Adams. Jack and Bud's penalty raised. 
Jan. 26, 27, 28-Students wiorn out. Did they have the flu? No, it's the first
semester's exams. Each night basket-ball game at the gym. Last time our boys
gave the High School team a game. Girls give the boys of the different E.
J. C. teams a spread, and show them a good time. 
Jan. 26 -Myran Sharp is called home due to his father's sickness. 
Jan. 29 Freshman party at the gym. Learn the A, B, C. 
Jan. 30-Sleigh ride party. One load gets "stuck" in snow bank.
Altho thermometer says twenty-six below zero, all feel like two in the shade.
Jack and Bud campussed. 
Feb. 8 Vern Wolcott visits friends. M. J. D. 
Feb. 14 Farewell party given for Duane Johnson. 
Feb. 1 8-Professor Efig gives a splendid lecture on "Birds of Wisconsin."
March 10-Basket-ball game with E. H. S. Score is 9 to 19 in our favor. Lots
of cheering and excitement. 
March 17-Senior are more green than Freshies as it is St. Patrick's. 
March 27 -Ruth Endicott and Horace MacDonald are separated for a week. Both
think it worse than being campussed. 
April 2  Frank Johnson begins attending Literary. Clara Hazeltine featured
on program. 
April 3 Ruth Holub comes to spend Easter with Seminary friends. 
April 4  Appropriate Easter sermon and exercises are given at the church.
Cold, damp, windy day for new Easter bonnets. 
April 5--Oriole Board elected. Everyone Is ready to take hold and help. 
April 9  Declamation contest. Genevra Parker and Lloyd Wolcott receive first
prizes; Clara Hazeltine and Donald Guernsey receive second. 
April 14 -Campus cleaned. Have our first spring picnic.  Marshmallow and
wiener roast. Bud and Jack campussed. 
April 21-Start playing tennis. Mae Smith tAles Guernsey to stone quarry.
April 23  Several couple went out to "Houe Next Door."  Nobody
April 28--Sturdie and Floreuce Mavies ar- canmpussed. Four of the business
students go to Janesville to apply for positions. 

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