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The oriole year book: Evansville Junior College

The prize winners

H. W. Marsh Oratorical Contest 
In past years Oratorical and Literary 'Work has not had the place in school
curriculum that it should have had. The real value of training on lines of
public speaking has been very much underestimated by people in general and
even by the students who have the opportunity to reap the benefits of such
training. Ability along the lines of literary work and public speaking is
of inestimable value to any citizen as well as to the statesman, lawyer,
and minister. 
The fundamental principles taught in this department are the basis of all
convincing conversation. An idea, In order to be effectually conveyed to
others, must b3 expressed in such a way that it not only is clear, but that
it has the power to stir the feelings of individuals and bring about action.
Thus literary, conversational, and oratorical success is based upon certain
psychological principles. 
The aim of our public speaking department is to train the students to speak,
not only with words properly arranged, but to convey those words with the
full sense of their meaning, and backed with the feeling and sentiment of
the idea. The voice is cultivated, making it clear, strong, flexible, and
melodious. The body is trained into harmony of motion that renders the position
of the speaker at once graceful, natural, and impressive. The student's vocabulary
is increased and self-confidence is developed. He is thus enabled to picture
ivividly the idea to be conveyed and the mastery of those basic principles
is attained. He is thereby better fitted for life's duties as they bring
him in contact with men. 
This department of Evansville Junior College under the direction of Mrs.
Iva 0. Blews has, during the past year, done a good work and has accomplished
its aim. Much interest has been taken in this line of work. It was brought
to a glorious finish in the Annual Occasions consisting of the Haen Marsh
Oratdrical Contest, open to the boys, and the Girls' Declamatory contest.
These were events of great Interest to the whole school and city. and times
of much innocent rivalry among the contestants. 
The final contest which was held on the evening of April second was an excepionally
high class entertainment, equaling or excelling those of previous years.
It was greatly appreciated by a large audience whose pleasure was evidenced
by the tense excitemnt prevailing and expressed by loud applause when the
judges' decisions were rendered and the prizes awarded. 
These annual contests, aside from their educational value and beneficial
experience to the participants, add much to the spirit and life of the school
regime. It is to be hoped that this good work will be kept up and extended
until it shall have been strengthened and raised to a standard never excelled
by any department or school. 
W. L. W. 

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