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The Oriole year book: Evansville Junior College


We hold these truths to be self evident: that all students are created equal.
That they are endowed by their great Creator with certain inalieanable rights,
among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That whenever
any Senior, Junior or Sophomore becomes destructive of these rights, it is
the duty of the Freshmen to abolish him. 
We're Freshmen, yes, we know   it. We have been reminded often enough to
know it, but what of that, they were all Freshmen once. And remember it takes
a Freshman to make a Senior. 
But let us talk of the more pleasant things.. Our Vice President was in the
Oratorical Contest, of which fact we are justly proud. Then, too, the Freshmen
were the first class in school to organize. 
In Athletics we came to the front, in Basket Ball we furnished two men for
the First Team. 
Yes, and we have had parties, sleighrides and other amusements, and no one
who participated will soon forget. 
Neither is our motto to be despised, "B-Square." No ordinary class
would have taken such a standard, but the Purple and Gold in noble endeavor,
has steadily maintained itself-and long may she waver-the Freshmen yesterday,
today, but not forever. 
Ne'er was more grand and august scene, When first they met on the Campus
green. Their ardent zest could never dwindle For among them is, Sir Walter
Kendall. And here Is Ruthies at his side Forever, her wandering feet he guides.
Well who is this? Our lady Jett, And Sharpie who left us, "she loves
him yet." Here's Watson whose voice we hear so much, And Dalrymple,
we miss to beat the Dutch. Last but not least of this violent band, Gillie
and Wessie the noblemen stand. Now just you take a tip from me They're alright,
these Freshies of E. J. C. 

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