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The Oriole year book: Evansville Junior College

The sophomore class

There's Jipson, the modern Michelangelo; in Jipson we possess one of the
future's greatest artists and humorists. 
There is Guernsey, the orator, who is destined for a political career not
less brilliant than that of the President of the United States. 
We have Stirdivant, the school's athletic champion, who has a voice like
Caruso. His chief ambition is to pitch for the White Sox. We'll back him
to do it. 
Marian Hardesty is noted for her oratorical and dramatic abilities. She will
probably choose the stage as her profession, and Will prove a dangerous rival
for Sarah Bernhardt. 
Minnie Hess is noted for her good disposition and pleasant ways. Her domesticity
is very apparent. Take it from us-she's going to make a swell little housekeeper.
Della Poole is the little lady who never says much, but who thinks a good
deal. She is always to be found reading or studying while the rest of us
are star-gazing. We all like Della. 
Johnson, steady and cheerful, left us before the year was out. The Sophomore
bunch keenly felt the change when he had departed. Now  Duane is on a farm
in Illinois. 
Genevra Parker is also noted for her ability in declamation. Some day when
woman suffrage has become a national institution, she will probably be holding
a political office. 
There is another interesting person in connection with our class: A thundering
sound is heard above The students' noisy clatter; A sound we all have learned
to love. It stops the busy clatter. And then adown the keyboard, chase A
lot of ripples trilly. Musical fireworks run a race And leave us feeling
The uninitiated groans, "Our week-end peace, alack"! But we exclaim
in joyous tones, "Why, Mr. Warner's back"! Yes, Mr. Warner-it is
he, Whom no one can surpass. We've chosen him the Honorary Member of our
And there you are. Look us over! Have you ever seen a class with a more brilliant,
a more promising future? 
We challenge you! 

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