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The town of Texas

IX. Miscellaneous stories,   pp. 66-70

Page 69

Soon the river runs adjacent to the road
and bends south only to turn west again.
We come to shallow spots where cattle
wade into the water to seek relief from
the heat and to drink water. We pass
under another bridge and see a golf
course on both sides of the river. Foot
bridges cross the river in several places
and occasionally, we spy a golf ball
shining like a white egg in the water.
To the right, we see a silver colored
building with cabins around it which is a
Bible camp called Camp Blessing.
Floating on, we come to another old swim-
ming hole which the neighborhood youth
referred to as "Tilly's Hole" and the
high banks known by the settlers as "Yellow
Banks". After a few more bends and twists,
we come to a second rapids which is known
as "Shingle Mill Rapids" for here at one
time water power was used to run a shingle
Ed. Baumann 9 Ervin Ktaemer
Mukie caught in
Trappe RiveA in 1941
it seemed tike 6aw boys always had time
4o& 6"hing.
Ervin Kraeme' 9 HeAman Roed e-1927
Continuing on with a few more bends, we
come to a fourth bridge and another swim-
ming hole. Here, a roadside park was built
and each summer, swimming lessons are
provided. This is the site of Trappe City,
an early settlement.
The river is now wider and there are more
deep holes. We pass a few more bends and
we pass the spot where an old bridge was
and where Turner's Slough joins the river.
We continue to glide under the bridge down
to the old railroad bridge and into the
Wisconsin River.
Yes, the Trappe River is a friendly river,
winding through picturesque landscape, but
spunky enough to challenge anyone to
travel it. It proved to be advantageous
to float logs down it, but destructive in
times of high water.
The potato bugs seemed to pick the 4th of
July to be poisoned.

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