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The town of Texas

VIII. The township's disasters,   pp. 63-65

Page 64

The next day we heard that it destroyed
Bohm's house, Annie Kemp's machine shed,
and Hafenbreadl' s barn.
Another tornado ripped through our Town-
ship on June 30, 1953. It uprooted many
trees in the woods and destroyed Otto
Pagel's and Wilbur Baumann's barns.
Wilbur Baumann's Ban
In the summer of 1943, a tornado ripped
through the trees enroute to the Herman
Roeder Farm. It took board and roofing
off the barn and dashed the barn door to
bits. Then it continued north destroying
more trees.
Friday the thirteenth in August of 1973,
will be a day remembered by many. A
tornado demolished Ted Baumann's barn,
uprooted large trees in Plautz's woods,
and ripped off the roof of Elgart Plautz's
barn and sheds. The buildings were made
of metal so all the wires were cut and a
rewiring job was essential.
Do you remember the airplanes flying low
over the fields during the summer of 1975?
They were spraying for the army worms who
invaded the fields and were destroying
the crops.
May, June, and July of this year will be
remembered for its, hot, dry weather.
The crops are wilting and dying from the
lack of water and high temperatures.
The normal rainfall for May is 3.81
inches, and we received only 2.55 inches.
The normal rainfall for June is 4.08
inches and we received only 0.92 inches.
July's normal rainfall is 3.51 inches
and thus far we have only received 1.58
inches, as of July 22nd, 1976.
Town of Texas officials and Marathon
County highway employees were trying
to figure out a way today to rescue a
10 ton road grader which buckled a
girder bridge over the Trappe River about
1:30 P.M. yesterday.
At the same time parents were breathing a
prayer that the grader and not the school
bus, which crosses the bridge twice a day
carrying 40 high school students, didn't
collapse the bridge.
The grader, which is worth about $30,000
is hanging precariously over the River.
It looked like a mere touch would topple
it into about five feet of water.
The bridge, erected in 1912 to replace
one carried out by the flood of that
year, is damaged beyond repair, a Town
official said.
Herbert Baumann, the grader operator,
was going south and had just entered the
bridge when it buckled.
"All at once, she cracked," he said.
"There was a woosh and down she went.
I jumped out of the cab. It was steep
and I slid toward the blade."
Although the bottom side of the bridge
is out of view, it appeared that the main
steel I beams, weakened by rust, let go.
The girders at the top were bent.
The northwest corner of the bridge
collapsed completely. The bed of the
bridge on the south end was still in
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Pope's built the garage above Marshall
The Tapper Brothers had a dairy in
Riverview. It is now the Jersey Jug.

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