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The town of Texas

VII. 4-H and community organizations,   pp. 49-62

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On January 17, 1955, a cold winter night
at the home of Mrs. Ben Koehler, seven
ladies met with Eileen Neidermier, the
County Home Demonstration Agent, to
organize a Homemakers' Club: known as
the Harmony Homemakers' Club. Mrs. Ben
Koehler, Mrs. August Koehler, Mrs. Margaret
Stoves, Mr. Elgard Woller, Mrs. Elmer
Raduechel, Mrs. Randolph Bergklint, and
Mrs. Harvey Dettmering.
The meetings were held on the third
Wednesday of each month. Their dues was
50 cents a year and a lunch consisted of
a beverage and two items of food. Secret
Pal names were exchanged, and a Sunshine
Gift was sent to a member's family when
ill. In case of bereavement, a gift of
$5 was sent to the immediate family. The
Hostess provided a stunt and a hostess
prize for the evening entertainment.
Leaders for the Leader Lesson School were
selected alphabetically.
During the year of 1955 and 1956, four
new members were welcomed into the Club.
They were: Mrs. Elroy Raduechel,
Mrs. Lawrence Raduechel, Mrs. Joseph
Normand, and Mrs. Charles Schwede Sr.
From that time to this, members have
joined, and then in time, fallen away.
At one time, the Club had 15 members.
Our Club is very active. Every year
we have a picnic for the families. Pot
luck dinner is served and everyone
participates in a wide variety of games.
The Club has its Annual Sale that is held
in later November or early December. Each
lady is to bring some item of sewing,
canning, or baking or a Christmas item.
Each year the members take an annual tour.
The ladies decide on three places of
interest to visit. While on the tour,
reservations are made at an outstanding
restaurant for the noon meal.
During the past year, we have donated
money and our own handiwork to the needy.
The Club gave the Chileda Institute in
Stevens Point $25. Each lady in the Club
made a lap robe for our County Home,
Colonial Manor, and the Veterans Hospital
in Madison, residents. We donate where
there is a hardship.
As of today, our Club has 9 members. We
still insist on learning whatever we can.
We pass on our favorite recipes to one
another, and lend a helping hand where-
ever we can.
The Texas Moonlighters' Snowmobile Club wap
formed in 1973 to promote safe snowmobiling
in our area. In the 1975-76 season we saw
our membership grow to 19 families and 7
individual memberships. The Club now
maintains about 10 miles of trails in the
southwest area of our Township. They are
groomed by our snowmobile and drags pur-
chased by the Club in 1974. A cook-out
area is also maintained for the convenience
of area snowmobilers. The Club has an
annual Christmas party and spring banquet
at which our 14 landowners are special
guests. At Christmas time a service pro-
ject is usually undertaken such as making
gifts for an area nursing home. Many of
our members also belong to the Wisconsin
Association of Snowmobilers and took part
in their State Convention held in Wausau
this past year. The Club, which meets
once a month from September through March,
is open to new members. In the winter
months we sponsor weekly trail rides and
several family cook-outs. This fall we
will begin with a kick-off picnic in
September. Anyone interested in member-
ship is urged to join us.
Mrs. Dennis Pfaff

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