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The town of Texas

VII. 4-H and community organizations,   pp. 49-62

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The North Texas Homemakers' Club was
organized at the home of Mrs. Gust
Baumann on May 20, 1921. Mrs. Mary
Brady, County Home Agent, was present
and explained the how and why a home-
makers' club should function. A con-
stitution was established and officers
elected. Mrs. Chas. Deede was elected
President, Mrs. Robert Krueger, Vice
President, and Mrs. E. C. Mason,
Secretary-Treasurer. The Club planned
to meet twice a month and its purpose
was for mutual improvement of its
members in home making and community
interests of the day. The Club dues
was 25 cents a year.
The Club members helped the member
entertaining, by sewing carpet rags,
making quilts, cutting dress patterns,
or whatever her needs were.
The Club has always been of service to
the Community. They aid the unfortunate
in case of fires or other disasters.
They carol for and give baskets to the
elderly. Every June they give a party
for the patients having Birthdays in
May and June at the Health Care Center.
Donations of necessary items were made
to many organizations such as Sunburst
Home, Ricky Zender Home, Health Care
Center, etc. The Red Cross, March of
Dimes, Easter Seal, and Cancer Societies,
are always remembered with donations.
Presently we have 16 members and just
celebrated our 55th Anniversary with a
party. We honored two charter members,
Mrs. Elmer Wedepohl and Mrs. Arthur
Our Club has given plays since 1928 to
raise money. We held stunt night reveal-
ing all our talents for over 15 years.
The past 2 years we've held chili suppers.
The present officers are: Mrs. Dale
Traska, President; Mrs. Jerry Tews, Vice
President; Mrs. Ray Traska, Secretary;
and Mrs. Ronald Buedding, Treasurer.
The other members are: Mrs. Anton Kittel,
Mrs. Acton Reavill, Mrs. Silvanus Teige,
Mrs. Frank Walters, Mrs. Philip Walters,
Joyce Walters, Mrs. William Behrendt,
Mrs. Jeff Krezine, Mrs. William Tonkin,
Jennie Berna, Mrs. Walter Tuttle, and
Mary Lou Barden.
Mary Lou Barden  .
. . . Record-Herald Photo.
AT HOMEMAKERS' ANNIVERSARY EVENT-The two oldest members of the North Texas
Homemakers club, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary at a dinner in the Eagles club last
evening, are shown seated. They are (left to right) Mrs. Otto Raduechel and Mrs. Bertha Bau-
man. Starding (same order) are Mrs. Silvanus Teige, president; Mrs. Carl Weinkauf, secretary;
Mrs. Raymond Strassman, sunshine chairman; Mrs. Tony Kittel, treasurer, and Mrs. Wilbur Bau-
mann, vice president.
North Texas Homemakers' Club                  Annivesa'    y Celebution

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