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The town of Texas

VII. 4-H and community organizations,   pp. 49-62

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Miss Mary Brady, the Marathon County
Home Agent, organized the first Homemakers'
Club on June 18, 1919, at the William
Hobart home. Fifteen members joined the
Club paying 10 cents a year dues.
The first officers were: President,
Mrs. Barney Holzem; Vice President,
Mrs. Reinhardt Gohdes; Secretary,
Mrs. William Hobart; Treasurer,
Mrs. Charles Revie.
Mrs. Gohdes is still a member being 88
years old.
Mrs. Louise Grade who is 90 years old is
also a member. She once taught the School
which now homes the Club.
The meetings were held the first and third
Thursday of each Month.
The name of the Club at first was "Help
One Another", later, it was changed to
"Home Demonstration Club".
In September of the first year, it was
voted to join the State Federation and
Homemakers. The dues was raised to 25
cents per member per year because 10
cents per member was sent to the State.
The Charter members were: Mrs. Geo.
Sommers, Mrs. Chas. Revie, Mrs. Barney
Holzem, Mrs. Bill Hobart, Mrs. Andrew
Miller, Mrs. Liston, Mrs. Herman Weinkauf,
Mrs. Fred Haase, Mrs. Aug. Lambrecht,
Mrs. Aug. Lambrecht Jr., Miss Reiser,
Mrs. Ed. Narron, Mrs. Walter Hinton,
and Mrs. Reinhardt Gohdes.
In the fall of 1952, the Texas-Wausau
Homemakers' Club purchased the former
Lenroot School of the Town of Wausau and
converted it into a Club Center. The
purchase price of the building and one
acre of land was $1.
The remodeling operation took place
whenever two or three and sometimes a
dozen members and their husbands would
get together.
Former Lenrot School - 1953
Old paint and varnish was removed and
the crumbling plaster replaced.
Many donations were given by the Club
members. Projects to raise money were
held: Such as card parties, selling
vanilla, plant auctions, flower shows,
and rummage sales.
In the year 1975, the immediate members
saw need for repair. The surface of the
Lenroot Community Center needed a new
face lift. Bricks were falling off.
Mrs. Leonard Heise had recalled hearing
of the Green Thumb. Connections were
made with the Wisconsin Green Thumb
Workers and the project got under way.
The brick was removed and replaced with
red siding with white trim and shutters.
The interior was painted and new curtains

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