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The town of Texas

VII. 4-H and community organizations,   pp. 49-62

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The First Twenty Years
Our Club was organized on the 29th day of
March, 1921, at the home of Mrs. Carl
Ulrich. Miss Mary Brady, the first Home
Demonstration Agent, presided.
The Club was organized by Mrs. Horace J.
Wheeler. She was elected President.
Vice President was Mrs. Herman Dittmar,
Secretary was Mrs. Harold C. Wheeler,
and Treasurer was Mrs. Carl Ulrich. The
Board of Managers were Mrs. Richard Plautz,
Mrs. Emil Schultz, and Mrs. Ernest
Band at the Fair 1925
During the first twenty years, the members
had their ups and downs, joys and sorrows.
The Club increased and decreased by
members moving and passing away. Others
resigned for their own reasons.
Various plays were popular entertainment.
The first of which was given at the Twin
Oaks School, with Miss Mary Billington as
Director. "The Neighborhood Gossip," a
humorous play consisted of eight female
charactors. Much to the dismay of the
Director, their greatest joy was giggling
at the mistakes made by amateur actors.
Old fashioned clothes were the costumes.
Some were made for sixteen inch waist
lines of which they had very few.
Mrs. Ben Detert had a blue striped nurses
uniform which must have been designed for
a very small waist. Poor Mrs. Detert.
After breathing with tiny gasps all
evening, finally she became so excited,
and breathed a sigh, and her memorized
lines escaped through the accidental
opening in the front of her dress.
Mrs. Detert in dismay exclaimed, "Now
it's all out".
The first Club picnic was held at the
Trappe River, across from Neal Hashers
home. Ice cream was made by some of the
members of the Club. Right after the
precious refreshments were loaded on a
milk wagon, the horse ran away. It was
captured before any damage was done.
After the ice cream was safely delivered,
it was discovered the corks had been
omitted on the tops of the old fashioned
freezers that had holes in the covers
and salt had gotten into the ice cream.
Wakelyn McNeil, the first County Agent,
after having a helping, refused Mrs.
Wheelers urgent invitation for another.
Having had showers on the younger ladies
of the Club, they decided to have a shower
for the older ones, beyond the stage of
stork visits. The party took place in
honor of Mrs. Ulrich, Mrs. Strassman,
Mrs. Wheeler, Mrs. Kreager, and Mrs. Roedex
The ladies were very much surprised when
they received many useful gifts.
Entertaining and being entertained by
neighboring clubs were always a pleasure.
From birthdays, anniversaries, weddings,
fairs, holidays, picnics, community
singing, as well as regular meetings,
were well attended.
Lessons and demonstrations to improve
your home, community, and family health
were eagerly attended. Early days found
the County Home or Farm Agent at the
Mrs. Bonnie Williams is the Home Economist
now with ten others preceding her. There
are lessons on every type of homemaking
and management held at the Court House
frequently. These are available to
interested members.
Homemakers are often at schools and
community activities lending a helping
hand and frequently give funds to the
stricken and needy.

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