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The town of Texas

VII. 4-H and community organizations,   pp. 49-62

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At one time or another all of the eight
School Districts in our Town had a 4-H
Hot Lunch Club. The teachers were the
leaders and received the pins as other
4-H leaders do for their services.
Usually, the
jar method.
etc. in pint
water bath.
hot lunch was obtained by the
The children brought soups,
jars to be heated in a hot
Sometimes the teachers had the children
prepare the hot lunch at school. This
consisted mostly of vegetable soups, hot
chocolate, or hot vegetables.
These Clubs were organized as the other
4-H Clubs and all members kept a record
One of the first 4-H Clubs in our Town
and County was organized as the Trappe
River 4-H Club. Mr. Fred Kannenberg was
the General Leader. Mrs. Helen Hill
assisted with the home economic projects.
The Club was active in Fair displays and
demonstrations. It included youth from
both Husting and Twin Oaks School
Texas Ramblers 4-H CZub
Action Centex 1974
The present Texas Ramblers 4-H Club came
into being in 1959 at an organizational
meeting held at the Trappe School.
Mrs. Milfred Wedepohl was the first
General Leader of this Club. The original
membership was 40. Some of the early
families involved were: Stewart Anderson,
Herb Banik, Leo Sann, Roland Rodewald,
Vernon Weinkauf, Herman Radloff, Milfred
Wedepohl, Lawrence Raduechel, Victor
Laffin, Frank Carmichael, August Koehler,
Fred Radtke, Elmer Buth, Ray Breuning,
Elmer Bootz, Lawrence Abraham, and
Tony Marcis. Meetings were held alter-
nately at the various one room schools
in the Township. Achievement Night was
held at the old Jefferson School. Drama
was an early emphasis. Mrs. Wedepohl
recalls the struggle of putting on a play
and the difficulty some of the farm boys
had in finding time to learn lines. They
did put it together and performed before
several PTA groups.
Mrs. Herbert Banik was the first Foods
Project Leader of the Club. She recalls
having Don Carmichael as the only boy in
her project. This young man was some-
times an embarrassment to the Leader, he
knew more about food preparation than
she did. Food preparation became his
career, for several years as a chef and
presently as a restaurant manager in
In early years, dairy was a big project
with many animals taken to the Fair.
In recent years, only the Eldred Plautz
Family has exhibited cattle. Horses was
another big project in the 1960's and
early 70's, but due to the cost of
exhibiting at the Fair, interest in this
project has waned. Most popular projects
still remain Foods and Clothing for the
girls, and woodworking for the boys
(plus some girls).
Over the years of the Texas Ramblers,
many Town of Texas Residents helped make
the Club a success by serving as adult
leaders. These include: Mrs. Herman
Radloff, Mrs. Vernon Weinkauf, Mr. and
Mrs. Stewart Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. James
Carmichael, Mrs. Robert Kohnhorst,
Walter Wilke, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walters,

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