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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 21 (May 1937)

[Title page] The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students,   pp. [1]-8 PDF (2.4 MB)

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It  Barker, Henry Do (16S, 16-17, Ph.D.23, Minn.     Senior
Pathologist, U.S.D.A., Washington, D. C. -- Cotton disease
+   Bender, Ray (26S) M.S.28, Cornell,   Manager Essex Co. Farm
2B&2G     Bureau C Co. Agent, Westport, N. Y.
+   Bishop, George H. (158, 15-17S, Ph.D,20)   Prof. of Biophysics,
Washington U. Med. School, St. Louis, Mo. -- Nerve and
brain physiology.
("Proprietor of 4 cats + a ford + 3 swarms of bees 4 a
frog pond and a hibernating possum")
+    Bowstead, John E. (B.S.20, M.S.21, 238, 26, Ph.D.29S)     Assoc.
1G        Prof. An. Husb., U. of Alberta, Alta., Canada. -- Environ-
mental factors associated with wool growth and quality.
Dairy calf and dairy cow rations.
+    Bullock, Dillman S. (M.S20)   Director Escuela Agricola,
El Vergel, Angol Chile. -- Geogranhical distribution of
Chilian birds.   'Named by Scientific congress on committee
to write chec" list of Chilian Birds."
+    Burnham, Charles R.   (B.A.24; M.S.25;26-Ph.D.29)   Assoc. Prof.
of Genetics, Univ., Assoc. Agron.-Exp. Sta., Univ. of
'V. Va., Dept. of Agron. & Genetics, Morgitntown, W. Va. --
Crossing over as affected by chromosome abnormalities in
corn, Smut resistance in corn, production of hybrid corn.
(Husband of Miss Lucile Strickland)
+    Bushnell, Ralph J. (33-Ph.D.35)    Inst. in Genetics, U. of
1G        Georgia, Athens, Ga. -- Inheritance of longevity and fer-
tility in the bean weevil. Building a stock of mice for
workr on inheritance of resistance to protozoan diseases.
(1937 Vacation at Wood's Hole, Mass.)
v.   Carver, Wim. A. (M.S.221 Ph.D.25, Ames    Assoc. Agronomist,
Fla. Agr. Exp. Sta., Gainesville, Fla.- Peanut and
corn breeding.
+    Deakin, Alan (M.S.29 - Ph.D.31)    Animal & Poultry Geneticist,
1B         Central Exp. Farm, Ottawa.   Meadowbrook Farm, Westboro,
Ont. -- Artificial insemination.
Diebold, Francis (B.A.21; 255,   M.A.27)   Head of Dept. of Biol.,
Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Mich.    (Summer 137 either at
Wis. or motoring through Central and South America)
4    Dove, W. Franklin (M.S.23; 24-26 - Ph.D.27)    Biologist, U. of
lB&lG      Maine Exp. Sta., Orono, Me. -- The nutritive instincts as
a genetic, nutritional and psychological problem. Their
applications to the agricultural, economic and social data
of the State of Maine as a test case.

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