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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 22 (January 1937)

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Cecil Harrington,M.S., is now an gntomology-Gonotics joint major.    T10
working on resistance to aphis in the poae
C, E. Holmos,M.S., Assistant Professor of Poultry, passed his prolims this
year and is now dividing his time botwveen finishing his thesis and teaching.
Harry Laidlaiw, B.S.133, M*S,'34 Louisiana State University, is working on
the morphology of the reproductive organs of the queen boo.
Goorgo Lodingham, B.S.'34; M.S.f36 University of Saskatchewan, is working
on &IR61a hybrids.
Andrew Nalbandov, B.A.'32, Munich Germany; M.S. Oklahoma A. and M., is rssist-
ing Dr. Casida with tMo work on the physiology of reproduction in cattle,
Ray Owen, B.S.?37 Carroll College, is doing work on color inheritance
in mieo.
John Shuman, B.S.t34 Penn, State College, Ph.11.?37 University of Wisconsin,
is studying the cytogonotics of a partially inbred line of corn.
Ben Smith, B.A.,t34, M.A,'36 University of Virginia, is working on quanti-
tative charaBcers involving seed size and yield in corn.    He is also assisting
Dr. Brink with the alfalfa work.
Paul Smith, a Plant Pathology major and Robert M. Smith, of the Poultry
Science Departmont, are minoring in Genetics.-
Louise Wipf, M.S., Assistant in Agricultural Bacteriology and Agricultural
Chemistry, is working in Dr. Cooports Lab.    Louise is making a cytological
study of the root nodules of red clover.
Emanuol Waletsky, BA., M. A., Wisconsin, is continuing his work with
Dr. Jollos in the Zoology Dopartment,    Yes, his experimental animal is
The Genetics Sominary was divided this semester into a plant group with
Dr. Brink in charge ane. an animal group with Dr, Colo in charge.   This
was made to allow the members of each group to devote themselves to subjects
rolating to their particular field of interest.    Both groups moot together
the first twenty minutes and thon they separate for their respective prcsonta-
tions.   The two groups will be combined in the second somoster,
Willard-Hollander vas awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy last June.
Ned Shrigloy, Gordon Dickerson, and W. L. Henning received the Doctorts degree
in ugust.
The registered'Summor School students this year wore 0. W. Anderson, Adrion
Coto, Nick Cuthbert, Gordon Dickerbon and Gordon-Ponnebakcr,    In addition
these, Al Golden) Andrew Nalbandov, Warren Black, John Dick and Lloyd Ferguson
were hero working on their research problemsq.

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