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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 22 (January 1937)

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Dr. D. C. Cooper, Assistant Professor of Genotics and Research Associaoe
in Botany, is engaged in making cytological studies of the plants which the
of the Department are working with genetically.
Dr. N. P. Neal, Assistant Professor of Agronomy and Genetics, is in charge
the brooding program to supply crossing stocks for commercial producers of
Dr. W. K. Smith, Assistant Professor of Genetics and Agronomy, is continuing
his %     ioirVon7Te correlation between the toxic effects and counarin content
sweetolovor,   Dr. Brink's discovery that Melilotus dontatus, a non-toxic
clover, does not contain coumarin has added strongth-TW o5thebelief that
is the cause of the toxicity of other species.    Rabbits are being used
to test
the toxic effect of the swootelover hay.
Dr. A. B, Chapman, Instructor in Genetics, is conducting the fly laboratory
which is now part     the elementary genetics course.   Ho is also working
on the
inheritance of ovarian response to the gonadotropic hormone in rats.
Dr. G. E. Dickersonb Instructor in Genetics and Dairy Records, in addition
teaching in Short Courseo is doing research on the improvement of cattle
through a
brooding program.   Next semester he will assist Dr. Cole in teaching Animal
Genetics (Gonotics 105).
Donald Bell, M.S., Assistant in Animal Husbandry and formerly of Rupert,Idaho,
is minoring in Genetics.   Ho is experimenting with alteration of the heat
in sheopb
Warren Black, B. A.'36 Ohio States and John Dick,. B. A.i32;M.S,133 Ohio
State, are assisting Dr. Irwin with the immunogenotic work.    They each
some phase of immunology as a research problem.
John Boyos, MS., University of Saskatchewan, is majoring in Botany and work-
ing on various members of the Plumbaginaceao.    He is minoring in Genetics.
Vernon C. Brink, B.S.134; M.S.A.136 University of British Columbia, is assist-
ing Dr. W. K. Smith with the sweotelovor toxicity studies,
Kenneth Brown, M.S. of Kansas City, Missouri, is assisting Dr. Rieman in
potato brooding program work.
Adrien CWt6, L.SoA.'32 Univorsity of Montreal, is working with Dr. Casida
studies of the physiology of reproduction.
Nick Cuthbort, B.A.'36 Iowa University, M.S.'37 University of Wisconsin,
working on the ovarian cycle of Ring Doves and assisting Dr. Cole with the
and dove records.
Lloyd Ferguson, D.V.M. Instructor in Veterinary Scienec, '34 Ohio State Uni-
vorsity, M.S. University of Wisconsin, is working on immunogenotic reaction
oovws and is assisting Dr. Irwin with the work on Bang's disease.

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