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Stratford centennial

Stratford area farming,   pp. 264-270

Page 265

Threshing at Seidel's Farm. Courtesy Cecelia Marohl.
contacting with a smaller gear from which tumbling rods
reached to the thresher. There was a platform over the big gear
and the horse driver could sit on the platform, turning round
and round with the horses.
During the season there was plenty of other work to do.
Mother had a garden and raised potatoes, turnips, onions, etc.
In the fall it was dug up and put in the root house.
We had a couple of pigs and in the fall they were
butchered and cut into hams that were smoked. Head cheese
was made, feet were pickled and the rest went into a brine
barrel and called sow-belly. Occasionally, the Indians would
bring us a saddle of venison.
We had a few cows that browsed around in the woods. It
was my job to round them up towards evening. The cows had
bells around their necks so that they were never too hard to
We gathered cow slips and leeks in the woods. We also
gathered wild plums and picked raspberries and gooseberries
as well as butternuts and hazelnuts.
Mother made our own butter in a high narrow stone crock
with a cover which had a hole in it. A stick with cross pieces
fastened to the bottom, was lifted up and pushed down count-
less times until the butter was churned. It was good butter too,
except when the cows had eaten leeks. Then it was pretty
As far as I remember, we always had plenty to eat.
Threshing. Courtesy Alfred Wenzel.

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