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Stratford centennial

I saw it in the news...,   pp. 245-249

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The hunters: (r-1) Frank Weber, Andrew Weber, Max Polege, Henry Weber, Lori Weber, Johnny Weber, Pete Weber. Photo
courtesy of Marie Reed.
From Stratford Journal, Dec. 3, 1936
Many Deer Brought Here
The first deer that was brought into Stratford was tagged
and brought home by John Novotny. He got his shot early
Sunday morning just about five minutes after going into the
The first Stratford man to shoot a deer was Frank Aldrich,
who got his buck early Saturday morning about half an hour
after going to the woods. He was up with L.B. Weber, the
Weber boys, Conway and Kenny and Vic Bartz. Conway and
Kenny showed up their dad, both bringing home a buck, and
Laurie returning with what he started. Nor was Vic success-
Probably the happiest of all the Stratford hunters was Ben
Weigel. He didn't get a buck but he did come home with a 250
pound black bear. Just before sundown, he saw the dim
outline of the bear about fifty feet away. He had just six shells
with him and he shot them all at the bear. Although he was
certain that he had seriously wounded the bear, it did not fall,
and he did not care to tackle a wounded bear without more am-
munition, so he left him in the woods overnight. The next
morning he returned to the spot, and found the bear less than
a quarter of a mile from the spot where he shot him.
From Stratford Journal, Nov. 28, 1938:
Many Hunters Bring Back Deer
At least sixty deer licenses were issued by Judge Curtin
to people of Stratford and vicinity for the season which closes
this year on Thanksgiving Day.
So far, we know of twelve successful hunters who have
brought deer back with them. They are L.B. Weber, Vic
Bartz, Frank Aldrich, Peter Polster, Roger Schuette, Rupert
Kurtzweil, Lawrence and Clarence Leick, Don Allington, R.
W. Dehn, John Obernberger and Jake Preisig.
The Law
From Stratford Journal, April 18, 1924:
The Burning of the Cross
Some little excitement was created lastWednesday when
it was discovered that someone had burned a fiery cross in our
village. We feel that this was the act of some boys having read
about such things being done and wishing to have a little
boyish fun.
However some folks think we have a Klan organization
in our midst or that it was the work of outsiders.
From Stratford Journal, Oct. 31, 1924:
Robbers Enter Connor Store
Sometime early Sunday morning the Connor Department
store was broken into and robbed by a band of thieves who
carried away merchandise valued at $1200 and so far no trace
has been found of them.
They gained entry by breaking the window in the drug
store door and opening the night lock and then proceeded to
loot the store at their leisure. Among the missing articles wee
20 suits of men's clothes, 4 over coats, 4 leather bags, 12 caps,

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