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Stratford centennial

Businesses of today,   pp. 222-242

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vault door about the same time and I ran outside and here was
Joe Ritger, and George Gage who was running the bowling
alleys where the funeral home is now, and they were sitting on
the bench. I said "Hey, the bank was robbed, the bank was
robbed." They looked at me. They didn't even get excited -
they thought I was kidding. I got quite a kick out of it; when
the robbers left, we had an old Springfield Army rifle standing
in the comer in the vault. It was just standing there - I don't
know who it belonged to or what but they took that thing along
with them but that was found in a ditch out in March Rapids
later. They threw it out, so they evidently used that route to get
The insurance company paid us all our money back. They
came around with a lot of pictures for us to identify. This one
guy I could identify - I didn't see the other one that was in front
by Ted - but we found out later that one had been shot in an
apartment raid in Minneapolis and something happened to the
other guy too, he was pulled up for another robbery and they
found some safety deposit keys in his possession and knew
which bank they were from and they found these travelers
checks of ours that had been stolen at that time. I remember
I received a $10 raise after the bank robbery.
Telschow Oil
ReinheldTelschow and his wife Mildred started the busi-
ness in Stratford in 1936. They purchased a lot from George
Davel and put a building on it for the purpose of selling gaso-
line and petroleum products. Mr. Telschow relates:
"We had two electric pumps that showed the gallons but
no dollar amounts.
Our bulk business was already established as we had a
bulk plant in Fenwood.
In 1950 an addition was added to the station for doing
service work. When our two sons, Leon and Gordon, came
into the business, we incorporated and they became part
owners of the business.
In 1967 when Highway 97 was rebuilt, we remodeled the
building we have today. In 1984 we again remodeled and
turned the service station into a convenience store. We have
two employees, one full time and one part time. Leon is the
manager and Gordon is in charge of bulk deliveries, and I am
mostly retired. Our business name is Telschow Oil Com-
Tower Bookkeeping
Kedrin Ernst Dallman began Tower Bookkeeping in
1985.  The business is located in the Spe-Dee Drapery
building. Kedrin specializes in bookkeeping services and tax
preparation but she and her two employees also perform other
clerical work for clients.
Walsh Grain Company
of Stratford
The Walsh Grain Company of Stratford had its begin-
nings as the Stratford Fur Foods Company in 1947. It was
started by Carl Spindler and Dr. Kroeplin. Primarily the
business was established to provide feed for the mink industry
which was thriving in the area. It also provided a service to the
farmers in the area as it gave them a way to dispose of dead and
down cattle.
John Sandgren was the first manager, Lawrence Drexler
followed him. Lloyd Keller took over as manager in 1960.
Stratford Fur Foods was purchased by North Star Barge
and Warehouse Corporation of Minneapolis in 1970 and
became the StratfordFurFood, adivision of Frozen Foods and
Cereals of Wisconsin. Lloyd stayed on as manager until he
retired and Mike Walsh took over.
The decline of the popularity of mink and thephasing out
of the mink business in the area caused the business to
diversify. Today the business includes pet food as well as fur
Waterworks Car Wash
The history ofWaterworks is included in the Kuyoth, Inc.

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