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Stratford centennial

Businesses of yesterday,   pp. 185-218

Page 217

A steel hull, in which the air tanks are located, has been
used for safety and the tanks make the "duck" non-sinkable,
according to Mac Matthews, company president. Atop the
hull is the aluminum cabin with its interior mahogany finish.
Two 35-horsepower outboard motors furnish the power
when the "duck" is used as a house board and can push the
floating home up to about 14 miles per hour.
From the Stratford State Journal Feb 15, 1962
Har-Mac Factory Purchased
New Owners Expect to be Operating May 1
After several weeks of negotiations, the Har-Mac, Inc.,
plant here was sold last Friday to the Northern Star Mobile
Homes Company, whose head offices are in St. Paul, Minne-
sota. The company operates a mobile home factory in
Guttenberg, Iowa, and one in St. Paul, but is being forced to
vacate the latter plant because of urban improvements in that
The Har-Mac plant has been idle for two years, and the
company was adjudged bankrupt last year. The plant, which
has an area of 2,000 square feet, was started in 1954 and atone
time 110 were employed there.
President of the Northern Star Mobile Homes is Don W.
Ferring, Vice President and general manager is Dean
Weiland. He, and Roy Swalen, superintendent, will move to
Stratford in the very near future to prepare the plant here for
Production here will emphasize the larger models of
mobile homes, the 10 and 12 wides. At present, the plans are
to hold production to one unit per day, with an employment
force of 30 to 40 men.
Stratford Bowling
Itcan not be denied. Stratford is a bowling town. On any
given night Kegler's Kove is filled with bowlers. Meetings are
scheduled around bowling nights as whole families are in-
volved in the sport.
This is nothing new. In the 1930's and 40's some of the
headlines in the Stratford Journal were about bowling scores.
It all began in 1927. Pete Grassl, Sr. and Joseph Ritger had
two lanes (where Rocky's Tavern is now).
Five years later they moved to where the present Sauter
Kundinger Funeral Home is.
In 1936 they moved again, this time to the basement of
the Connor Building and two more lanes were added. It was
managed by Ted Zoellner, Tony Stock and Ted Oettinger.
Other managers were:
1956-58 Bill Schroepfer and Jim Weber
1958-59 Chuck "Tuffy" Doll and Sam ?
On Nov. 15, 1959 a fire destroyed the building owned by
Davel Bros. and with it the bowling alleys.
In December of 1960 Lawrence and Belen Drexler
opened the new Holiday Lanes with six lanes. Women had
one league and bowled Wednesday and Thursday nights.
"Storky" left in 1975.
July 31, 1975 Lions leased lanes from Davel Bros. for
one year and were managed by Larry Propp.
July 1, 1976 Keglers Kove - Dale and Annita Pokallus
purchased it from Stratford Lions Club.
1988 League split into two separate Leagues. Wednes-
day Keglers Klassic and Thursday Keglers Kove Ladies.
Old Timers: Vic Guenther
Madellyn Weber
Stella Knoll
Helen Zoellner
Lucy Kohlbeck
Ted's Tavern
From Stratford Journal, Oct. 1936
Open New Tavern in Auditorium
Ted Oettinger and Ted Zoellner, who have been busy the
past two months, announce this week that their tavern and
bowling alleys in the basement of the auditorium are ready for
The alleys, regulation size, have been installed in that part
of the Connor store basement that was occupied by the shower
rooms and ladies' dressing room.
The tavern, which was remodeled by Fred Lillge, is
occupying the space formerly used by the club rooms and
men's dressing rooms. The stairway has been moved to just
south of the door and enterance to the auditorium and goes
directly to the alleys.
A new bar and back bar, both built by Fred Lillge, occupy
the north wall. Booths will be placed on the south side but
probably will not be installed in time for the opening.
From Stratford Journal, October 3, 1940
Bowling Season
The Stratford Keglers will have the treat this year of
bowling on new alleys. The proprietors of Ted's Tavern have
rented space in the basement of Davel's store, and have moved
all their old equipment there, and have installed new equip-
ment there to double and improve the bowling facilities of

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