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Stratford centennial

Businesses of yesterday,   pp. 185-218

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The April 15, 1954 issue of the Stratford Journal an-
nounced that a new factory, Har-Mac, a mobile home manu-
facturer, would be located in Stratford. It was planned to
make exactly ten mobile homes each week, no more and no
Ground was broken for the Har-Mac Corporation factory
building in May of 1954. By the end of June, they had begun
limited production, planning to have two mobile homes
completed by July.
From The Stratford Journal January 5, 1956
Har-Mac, Inc. to Introduce New Luxury Home at
Plans to enter the luxury field in the production of mobile
homes have been launched by Har-Mac, Inc., following
completion several days ago of a major addition to the
company's plant here, Mac Matthews, the firm's general
manager, announced this week.
New models, complete with such refinements as carpeted
floors, washing machines, air conditioning, Roddiscraft
walls, newly toned interiors, plus all the time-tested and
space-stretching techniques and imaginative arrangements
for living on wheels, will be unveiled next week at the national
mobile home show at Cleveland, Ohio.
The company, which now employs about one hundred
persons in its modern plant, expects to add substantially to its
personnel force.
The local industry's present position is quite different
from that of less than two years ago when it began operation
in Stratford. At that time it produced a few units a week in a
plant with 8,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The
plant was constructed with capital provided by the Stratford
Industrial Corporation, an organization of local business and
professional men.
Today, the firm has quadrupled its plant's facilities from
8,000 to 32,000 square feet of manufacturing space, tripled its
personnel, increased production more than 400 percent, and
multiplied its dealer organization ten fold.
The large plant addition completed last week, plus
numerous other additions to the original plant buildings
during the past year were financed entirely by Har-Mac, Inc.,
and imposed no additional investment upon the development
organization. The investment of the local business and
professional men in the original structure is being liquidated
by rental payments.
The weekly payroll of the company now averages more
than $6,000 and is expected to increase sizably by April. The
year just ended was a record year of sales for the entire trailer
home industry, Matthews said. Demand for the product in
1956 is expected to be even larger in view of the many large
scale construction projects planned over the nation, which
will see multitudes of artisans and craftsmen on the move.
The Stratford plant, through its sales network of more
than 100 dealers, has shipped trailers to Canada, and to all
reaches of the nation. Not too long ago, one of its products was
consigned to Belgium.
The company produces trailers in four lengths, ranging
from 33 to 45 feet and offers its products in ten different floor
plans. Its new luxury mobile home, with the ultimate in
accessories, fitted into the product, will retail for approxi-
mately $6,900.
Officers of the firm are Mac Matthews, president; Leo
Van Ert, vice president; J. Ben Wing, vice president; Fred B.
Rhyner, secretary treasurer. All officers, excepting Mr.
Matthews, live in Marshfield. The officers and Clarence
Olson, plant manager, comprise the board of directors. Neil
Kille is sales manager.
Stratford Journal, May 10, 1956
Har-Mac, Inc. Starting their 2nd Thousand
The growth of Har-Mac, Inc. has amazed all who have
been acquainted with the business. The resolution to produce
only 10 homes per week was short lived and now production
is nearer the 25 a week mark. Number 1004 rolled off the as-
sembly line on May 10, 1956.
From The Stratford Journal October 23, 1958
Har-Mac Introduces New Pleasure Boat
A combination mobile home and houseboat for the
hunter and fisherman with a strain of gypsy blood that
prompts him to seek new horizons was launched in Lake
Wausau from the ramp of the Northland Marine base in
Schofield Sunday afternoon.
The completely equipped land and water home slid into
the water without mishap, its rubber tired wheels were re-
tracted and the spectators were the first in the area to use it to
"tour" the lake.
A new product of Har-Mac, Inc., to supplement its line of
mobile homes the combination is known as the "Mobile
Equipped with a trailer hitch, the combination mobile
home and houseboat can be pulled with an ordinary passenger
car to favorite camping spots, rivers, flowages or lakes. It
serves as a trailer when on land and its wheels are retracted
into the hull when used on water, with its buoyed hull
requiring a draught of only eight inches.
The "Mobile Duck" is 25 feet long and 8 feet wide. It can
sleep four and is equipped with a gas cooking stove, gas
heating, gas refrigerator, built-in tanks for fresh water, ma-
rine-type toilet facilities, clothes closets, and can be lighted by
gas or electricity. The electricity is furnished from batteries
or can be secured by plugging in with regular AC current
wherever available.

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