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Stratford centennial

Stratford schools,   pp. 92-100

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the largest, 42. A Parent-Teacher As-
sociation was organized in 1933 with
Mrs. T. W. Hoffmann as president.
The school orchestra was formed in
1930 and the high school band was
started in 1935 with 18 members
which had grown to 33 members in
1937. In 1938 the band mothers or-
ganized and made the black jackets
trimmed in orange and worn with
white trousers for the band uniform.
In 1937 the new addition of class-
rooms and gymnasium was being
used and the school yearbook re-
" 'rhxt ltii
sumed publication.
In the 1940's more students           , .
were completing high school and
graduating. There were a total of 415
graduating from1940 to 1949. The
Class of '41 was the largest class, 57,  Prom
and the Class of '49 the smallest with
32 seniors. World War II was being fought and some
graduates chose their branch of service by enlistin
graduation. The school yearbook became the "Stratai
in 1947.
The black uniform trimmed in orange was purcha
the band in 1946. The baseball and basketball team
becoming a challenge and a threat to many of the coni
teams. The school buses were painted red, white and b]
during the summer months many of the students that w
enough would get a job at the local canning factory.
Education of the youth of the community duri
1950's became more challenging as the enrollment inc
and more students were preparing to enter college.
course offerings were available as the faculty num
creased from eight to fourteen. The yellow school bus(
transporting the rural students beginning in the earl
The number of students graduating from 1950-59 w
with the Class of '51 having only 37 and the Class of
most with 70 students. Hot lunch was served in St. Jc
Church Cafeteria requiring a three block walk for a hot
Basketball competition in the conference was very strc
Stratford's conference standing up to the top. Plans foi
high school began to take shape with construction st
'57 and the high school band gets new uniforms in '5
With the completion of a new high school in the
more course offerings became available with more te
stations and a high school faculty of 23. The transport
students to the public school became a district expens
district consolidated. The number of students attendii
school and graduating increased as there were 714 si
completing high school with the Class of '62 hav
graduates and the Class of '69 having the most to date
graduating. Hot lunch was served in the Stratford Elerr
School Cafeteria across the street. The band moved
facilities, the science department got individual stude
in '61 and new choral robes were purchased. Coni
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invitation, year unknown. Courtesy Don Weber
of the    participation in football and track began in '62 and wrestling
g after   in '64. The students said farewell to the old high school in the
varian"    spring of '64 and hello to new facilities in the fall. George
Davel's memorial trophy was presented in '63 and the new
sed for    high school dedicated in '64. Homecoming parades and float
s were     building were a part of the school activities. Two sections of
ference    Kindergarten in the morning and afternoon began in 1965.
lue and        Educational opportunities continued to improve for the
ere old    students during the 1970's and 958 students completed high
school during this time. The Class of '71 and '75 each had 90
ng the     graduates and the Class of '76 had the most students to
reased     graduate in the history of the school with 108 graduates.
More      During the latter part of this period high school diplomas were
ber in-    presented at commencement to twenty-three adults having
s were     completed high school with GED studies. An athletic field
y 50's.    was developed and seating constructed on the Aschenbrenner
'as 509    property that had been purchased by the district. The girls
'59 the    began conference participation in volleyball and basketball in
3seph's   the mid '70's and in track a little later. New uniforms were
lunch.    purchased for the high school band in 1979. The students
ng and    were sharing educational experiences with foreign exchange
r a new    students attending school at Stratford.
irted in      Education in the 1980's had an updating of the course
9.         offerings and new techniques and technologies were evident
'60's,   in the instruction. The VCR and television had replaced the
aching     movie projector and film for instructional purposes. Copy
ation of   machines were used in place of the offset and mimeo duplica-
e as the   tors and carbon paper for duplicate copies became a thing of
ng high    the past. The computer became an instructional tool and its
tudents    use and application was integrated into many of the courses of
ing 52     study. The vocational and trade courses quickly adapted to it
vith 96    and classes were offered for computer literacy and program-
ientary    ming. The enrollment having peaked the prior decade, the
to new     Class of '86 had the largest number of graduates, 96, and the
nt labs    Class of '89 the smallest with 75 graduates. The total number
ference    of students graduating during the 80's was 836. Competition

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