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Stratford centennial

Stratford churches,   pp. 83-91

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Rev. Schroer left in 1906 and was followed by Rev. H.G.
Schmid in 1909. After two years, he left and was replaced by
Rev. Carl O. Schroer in 1911. It was under his ministry that the
congregation had its first English service. At this time the
pastor's salary was raised from $400 to $800 and supplying
the parsonage with food was discontinued. A barn was built
near the parsonage. In 1920, under Rev. Calvin Grossheusch,
the parsonage was enlarged, English became a part of the
regular worship service, an envelope system was adopted and
a basement was put under the church.
With approximately 220 church members and 80 Sunday
School children, Rev. John Mohr began his ministry in 1926.
In 1929, furnaces were installed in the church and parsonage.
A reed organ and a piano were obtained. The church interior
was changed with a new front being built and carpets laid.
Electric lights were installed. In 1936, Rev. Mohr left and
Mission House sent student Blaufuss who was later installed
and ordained in the church in 1937. At this time, St. Paul's
Evangelical Church in Marshfield was made a part of the
Town of Cleveland charge. During Rev. Blaufuss' pastorate,
the art glass windows were put in, a new heating system was
installed and the interior of the church decorated. The parson-
age was modernized and the local cemetery group organized
and the cemetery landscaped. With the merge with the Evan-
gelical churches, the name became Ebenezer Evangelical and
Reformed Church.
The Rev. Paul Olm, Jr., accepted the call of both churches
in 1946. During his term the present Hammond electric organ
was dedicated. The Rev. George Behrens served from 1951
until 1957. During this time, an educational unit was added to
the back of the church.
The next full-time pastor was Rev. Harvey Reh who
served from 1958 until 1962. New Hymnals were purchased
in 1960. The church adopted the name of Ebenezer United
Church of Christ in March, 1960. Rev. A. George Shmidt was
interim pastor from 1962 to 1963. In 1962, 26 new pews were
purchased and the church was redecorated. Rev. Wallace
Hermann served from 1963 to 1964.
Ron Fruth, a student at the United Theological Seminary
served the congregation during the summer of 1964. Rev. A.
George Schmidt then returned, serving Ebenezer until Rev.
Larry Bremer began his ministry in 1965. Carpeting was
installed in the parsonage. The new Constitution was adopted
October 23,1967. Rev. Kenneth Dix was ordained here in
1965. Rev. Philip Yeager served from 1969 until 1972. Three
thousand trees were planted on church property during his
pastorate. The wooden cross and plantings were put in the
cemetery. Logs were cut in the woods and the lumber was
used for a garage attached to the parsonage. The present
pastor, Rev. Robert Goessling, came in 1972. In 1974, the
members added a new addition to the front of the building
providing more classroom space, more bulletin board space
and a renovation of the bell tower.
Pastor Alwyn York, a graduate of the Chicago Theologi-
cal Seminary, Chicago, came to serve the congregation in the
fall of 1985. He left in March of 1991 and Rev. Elton Helms
became pastor of the congregation.
The history of Ebenezer U.C.C. like that of most congre-
gations, is a list of pastors and of repairs and improvements to
a building. The real work of the church as God's servant on
this earth is difficult to record. Let us turn to the past only as
a guide for the future.
First child baptized: Philip F. Rosenthal, Son of Henry
and Anna Rosenthal. Born: 8/2/81 Baptized: 3/3/83.
First wedding: 11/5/89, Frank Gere and Minnie B.
First confirmation class: Minnie Ziegler and Emma
Oldest Living Member: Mrs. Henry Hilgemann 9/14/
Present number of communicants: 171.
Present Number of Sunday School Children: 29.
Ebenezer United Church of Christ - 1990

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