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Stratford centennial

Stratford churches,   pp. 83-91

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The Rev. Diemer came here as a student pastor and at the
time of his graduation from the seminary, he had the opportu-
nity of serving a fine church but chose Stratford instead. He
was here for 40 years. Pastor Arlin Adams was at Zion from
1953 - 1956. He was followed by Pastor Carl Schulte from
Pastor John Albrecht came to Stratford in 1965 and
stayed until 1969. Pastor Donald Gaurke came in May of
1969. In June of 1981 Pastor Gaurke left and was followed by
Rev. Jon Becker of Wausau. When Rev. Becker left in 1987,
Pastor Dan L. Alexander came and still serves as pastor of
Some residents of Stratford worship at area churches.
Some of those include the following:
The Ebenezer
Reformed Church
Ebenezer Church Circa 1920
The Ebenezer Reformed church was organized in 1883
with about 30 charter members, but the beginning must be set
back even a bit earlier than that. In 1881, the Rev. Win. H.
Stienecker had seen this country and invited the people of his
Today, Zion has a membership of 390.
The 1991 Church Council:
Bev Aschenbrenner
Jerry Clint
Wayne Hanneman
Bob Ulrich
Jim Greenberg
Rudy Werner
Richard Dennee
Kevin Miller
Don Kroening
village home in Germany to come to this place for there was
promise of better things. He saw this land as one of promise
for those who longed for a spot they might call their own. Then
our territory certainly presented a different appearance than it
does today. The timber was endless and the land still was
much in the hands of the real Americans. Those who did not
despise hard work and difficult labor could picture a home
surrounded by garden and cleared fields. The stone piles and
farms of today are witness of their labors.
Those who came belonged to the Reformed branch of the
Christian tradition of faith. It was not at all strange that those
who were taught in the way of Christ should desire for them-
selves and their children a place to give thanks to the Lord. A
congregation was organized by these early settlers of the
Reformed faith on September 30,1883, under the guidance of
Rev. Win. Stienecker. There were 30 who took part in the or-
ganization of the "Bible Congregation" soon to be called
Ebenezer Reformed Church. Church services were held in a
private dwelling or at the Balsam School. In the year 1886, it
was decided to build a church and in the same year, 40 acres
which today constitutes our church property, was purchased
for $200 on November 8.
At first it was decided to build a log church, but finally it
was decided to build a frame building. There was an abun-
dance of trees for wood. Those who cleared one half acre were
entitled to a lot in the cemetery. At the time of dedication on
November 17,1889, the membership had increased to 54.
Rev. Stienecker served the congregation from Wausau
until 1886. Following him, Rev. Otto Muehlmeier served
from 1890-1891. Rev. F.C. Schnulle of Wausau served until
1895. Then by the decision of the Mission House Seminary,
he was replaced by student F. Dallmus. This enabled Rev.
Schnulle to devote all his time to Wausau's congregation.
During Rev. Dallmus' pastorate, the parsonage was built. It
was under the ministry of Rev. H.W. Schroer, beginning in
1889, that extensive changes were made on the church build-

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