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Stratford centennial


Thank you

Articles and documents are recorded as they appeared. If they included
spelling errors, they were left as written. Any errors of documented facts or
any instances of information conflict have been corrected to the best of the
author's understanding. These changes and explanations have been noted for
clarification. We apologize for any errors which may have been made due to
misunderstanding or absence of information. No intentional misrepresenta-
tions have been made.
Photographs containing groups of individuals are named left to right and
back to front unless otherwise specified. If the exact date was not known, an
attempt was made to place it as close as possible to the time period and the
notation, circa, has been added.
Thank You
One of the most used sources of information has been the Stratford Journal.
The centennial book committeee would like to thank Paul Hale for making the
past issues available to the committee. Many hours were spent scanning
through the Stratford Journal for stories which reflected the happenings of the
growing community of Stratford.
In 1956, the Journal published a special issue which contained a historical
prospective of the community. The articles were written by Mrs. Robert Allen.
Mrs. Allen did such a beautiful job of researching and writing the historical
stories, that we have, in many cases, quoted her stories directly. The
committee thanks Mrs. Allen and the Stratford Journal for the community
service they provided with this issue.
The committee is grateful to all of you who have generoursly submitted
your collections of old photographs, news clippings and memories. By
sharing your treasures, you have helped to make the committee's task of
recreating the past much easier and more complete.
The Stratford Centennial Book may be purchased by contacting the
Stratford Village Clerk. Write to: Stratford Village Clerk, PO Box 12,
Stratford, WI 54484. (715) 687-4166.
There are copies of photographs not used in the book in the clerk's office.
Stratford considers the collection of Stratford memorabilia and historical
photographs an ongoing project. Donations to the collection are always
Stratford also has a historical museum project which welcomes donations
of artifacts, memorabilia, photographs and financial support.

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