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Stratford centennial


This centennial book is dedicated to the residents of the Stratford Area,
past, present and future. To the brave, industrious lumbermen armed with axes
and saws, who first came to the forests to clear away the trees. To the farmers
who followed and cleared away the stumps and rocks and set their plows to the
land to discover the rich soil underneath.
To the many people who presently live in the area, some still working the
land broken by their forefathers, some who were enticed here by the excellent
farming conditions, some who work in neighboring cities and chose to have
their homes in our beautiful, small town, rural setting.
And to those who are still to come, whether by birth or choice, to live in
the Stratford area.
The information gathered while doing the research for this book has
instilled an enormous appreciation for the hard work and perseverance of the
early settlers. They came, some following the westward migration of our great
country and some leaving their native countries, in search of a better way of
life for themselves and their families.
It is regrettable that those who could give us the best insight into our past,
those who were here in the beginning of our settlement, are no longer here to
tell their stories.
We all owe our gratitude to everyone who preserved and shared their
photographs and passed on their stories, to the news publications of the area
which recorded the happenings of the times and had the foresight to include
biographies of local settlers as well as their reflections and to past historians
who understood the importance of a written history to future generations.
It is the hope of the Centennial Book Committee, that the Stratford Cen-
tennial Book will give the reader an understanding of our past, a feel for the
rhythm of life in the community and enjoyment, as they learn about the people
and events so important to the settlement of this area.
The Centennial Book Committee apologizes for any omissions due to
lack of information and offers sincere gratitude to everyone who has contrib-
uted to the publication. Naturally, there is more to the history of Stratford than
is found in the pages of this book. Due to necessary space limitations,
selections were made to give the overall picture of our community.

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