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Fourth annual report, St. Croix Co. Agricultural Extension Service: Nov. 1, 1940--Oct. 31, 1941

Livestock and poultry improvement,   pp. 12-13 PDF (842.7 KB)

Homemakers,   p. 13 PDF (389.0 KB)

Weed control,   p. 13 PDF (389.0 KB)

Seed certification,   p. 13 PDF (389.0 KB)

National defense program,   p. 13 PDF (389.0 KB)

Cooperation with other agencies,   pp. 13-14 PDF (762.1 KB)

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to prevent an outbreak of Cholera.
      We have had some very interesting meetings on poultry work
 and the testimonial given by the poultry breeders who are making
 a success of poultry ns a sideline contributed much to the success
 of the meetings.
     -Our Homemaker Clubs have remained active during the past
 year, and helped to servo the needs of sonm 600 farmi women folks
 who have taken part in the program. Our Stnte specialist, Yiss
 Brady, conducted the leader trdining meetings held in the county
 this past year, foods and nutritions being the subject discussed
 at the neetings.
                            W1ED CONTROL
     A county-wide neeting of the town chairman and weed corr.liss-
ioners was hold, at which time Henry Lunz of the State Weed Deorzt-
ment was present and discussed with us the wood ltrw and wood control
measures. St. Croix county now has two patches of creeping jenny,
or field bindweed, and two or three patches of leafy spurge. Both
of those weeds need our consideration in controlling their spread.
We assisted the town chairmon in the cormiunitios involved in control-
ling then by the use of chemical weed killer.
                         SEED CERTIFICATION
     Several farners aro still actively interested in producing
certified and registered seed to be sold to other farriers in the
county.  We have assisted these farmers in their seed certification
by making the necessary inspections on the fields before harvest.
Just as it is necessary to keep our purebred cattle, so is it nec-
essary to keep our registered and certified seed available to farm-
ors of the county. Bettor crops can be produced by the use of
better seed, and certainly our work with fertilizer and limo can
be enhanced by the use of good seed.
                     NATIONAL DEFENSE PROGRAMI
     Your County Agent was appointed as a member of the County
National Defense cornitteo and has assisted in ranking a survey on
the labor situation available to farmers, and assistod in the Foods
for Defense program. Under the Foods for Defenso program the farn-
ers of St. Croix cunty! ho, u---h-   IA  Dy      ectyoA
     ult~~~~4 W.t L-9-'Y 44LVĀ¢ vuain vskua by the Secrotary of Agric-
ulture to increaso the production of nilk 11% in 1942 over 1941,
hogs 8%, and v. 6% increase in the production of eggs.    Wo feel
reasonably certain that this goal will be reached by the farenrs
of St. Croix county, and woehopo that the increased production will
come through better feeding, better management, and bettor care,
rather than an increase in capital investmeont.
     This office has endeavored at .11 tines to cooperate with all
other county, state, and federal agencies working in the interests
of promoting better agriculture for fareors of St. Croix county.

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