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Fourth annual report, St. Croix Co. Agricultural Extension Service: Nov. 1, 1940--Oct. 31, 1941

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 and rams on the farms and a better distribution of them, we worked
 in cooperation with the Bull sale and put on the Boar and Ram sale.
                       Artificial Insemination
      We have been working towards an artificial insemination set-
 up for the county. Several plans have been considered; the one
 we would like best would be the plan whereby our organization can
 be set up in the county for servicing the needs of the farmers,
 working in cooperation with an adjoining county. This plan would
 mean we would not have to buy our own bulls nor set up our own
 breeding stalls.
      Many farmers are now for the first time realizing the harm
 that has been done to their herds through the use of scrub bulls.
 During the past six months there has been a very favorable milk
 and butterfat price. The natural tendency is to crowd these cows
 a little harder at this time to secure a maximum production of milk.
 Many of our farmers are finding that their cows do not respond to
 heavier feeding. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that
 the cows now in production in their herds are off-springs of the
 cross between good cows and poor bulls. As a result of this there
 is a very active demand for good bulls at the present time. This
 certainly was a favorable situation and we hope the interest in
 better bulls continues through the coming years.
                      County-Wide Bang's Test
      Last November the Agricultural Committee met and recommended
that we start a county-wide signup for compulsory Bang's test for
all cattle in the county. As a result of mailing out individual
petitions to all the farmers in the county, 950 signed petitions
were returned by mail. Farmer committeemen have solicited 450
farmers so that at the present time we have a total of 1400 signers
for the eounty-wide test. 'While the going is slow we are still
keeping at it and hope that the test might be made within the com-
ing year.
     It is a generally recognized fact that Bang's disease local-
izes in one of three places. The disease can settle in the pro-
ductive system of a cow which will generall cause abortion; the
disease may settle in the udder of a cow making conditions favor-
able for the development of mastitis or other garget troubles; or
the disease may localize in the joints of the knees causing swollen
knees which many times result in a stiffening of the joints and
general loss of milk production as a result of it. While there may
be some question in the minds of some farmers as to the accuracy
of the test in Bang's disease, it is generally recognized as being
an accurate test. While there have been hopes for the development
of the vaccination of calves as a means of preventing loss due to
Bang's disease, thus far the vaccine has not proved as satisfactory
as had been hoped for.
                         Dairy Cattle Sale
    Many carloads of dairy cattle have been shipped out of the
county the past year. A large part of those shipments have gone
to eastern herds. Some of the cattle, of course, have gone to

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