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Fourth annual report, St. Croix Co. Agricultural Extension Service: Nov. 1, 1940--Oct. 31, 1941

Erosion and soil fertility,   pp. 6-8 PDF (1.3 MB)

Dairy cattle improvement,   pp. 8-12 PDF (2.2 MB)

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Soil Zrosion School
      A soil erosion school was hold at Hoamiond Mily 16, at which
 time 65 FFA boys fron all parts of the county cane in to learn soil
 erosion control methods. The forenoon was spent in discussion of
 erosion control problems aind their solutions.  Techniciens from
 the soil conservation district and state extension service rssist-
 ed in the program. During the afternoon the entire group went out
 to the Ervin WIright farin a rile north of town and put into practice
 sone of the things which they had discussed during the forenoon
 program. The FFA boys were divided into four groups and each of
 thon had a chance to participate in demonstrations on tree planting,
 methods-in construction of sod hump damrs, running levels for contour
 plowing, and satrpling soil for soil analysis.
                       Contour Plowing Contest
      Much interest in contour plowing in connection with erosion
 control was stinulatod by the contour plowing contest held this
 fall. A district contest was hold et Eau Claire September 29, at
 which tine a contestant from St. Croix, Dunn, Ecu Claire, and
 Jackson counties participated.   John Williams of River Falls re-
 presented St. Croix county at the contest and won first place. He
 went on to the inter-state contest hold at LaCrosse on October 8
 and placed sixth in that event. Ho used a John Deere tractor and
 plow in the contest.  Ar. VWillia:s has been practicing contour
 plowing on his far;. during the past two years.
                      DAIRY CATTLE flPROVMIIET
     Considerable tile was devoted this yepr to the ratter of
dairy cattle improvement.   Considerable time wcs given to the test-
ing associations which are operating in the county, and several
new nembers were secured for the vnrious associations.   The owner-
sampler system has been promoted and at the present tine we have
86 herds all testing under the standard testing plan. This is the
system where the tester str.ys at the farm, taking the samples hixi-
self, malking a coraplete vAnalysis of the test, and completing the
herd book. Wae have over 100 herds under test under the owner-
sxampler plan.  Under the owner-sampler plan the farmer takes his
own sanples, which are tested by the field nan.   Those records are
not recognized as being official, but are for the use of the farmer
in selecting and improving his herd. Testing work is at the high-
est peak it has been for rany yoers.   Nore farmers are taking part
in the standard testing plan than have been in the past seven ye rr8.
While still a relatively snall percentage of the farmers in the
county are testing their milk, we have felt justified in giving the
tine we have to the testing associations this past year.
                              Bull Sale
     The second annual Bull Sale was held at the Highway Shop .t
Haumolnd October 30.  This sale riot with the approval of both the
consignors and the purchasers.   1ighteen purebred dairy bulls, all
from cows with 400# of fat or better were sold, averaging t102.00
per head.  Combinad with the bull sale this year, ve held our first
Bonr Crad Ran salo. Feeling that there was a need for better burirs

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