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Crocker, T. D. / Sources of good relations with the public

Sources of good relations with the public,   pp. 1-8 ff. PDF (1.2 MB)

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Mr. Blank may not argue for the company,
but he has no grievance, so the disaffection
does not spread. Increase this typical case to
include a large part of your consumers and
you have a friendly public.
  The above is obvious if it can be accom-
plished, I can hear somebody say. It can,
and it is being done. And the source of this
accomplishment brings us to the first fun-
damental source of good public relations-
the employees of your own organization.
Good relations with them is a vital necessity
if you hope to have good relations with your
  When Mr. Blank came in contact with the
employees in different departments, his
pleasant experience was not the result of
accident. It is human nature to reciprocate
in kind. Your employee must be enthusiastic
about his own company. He must have con-
fidence in the management. He must have
some conception of your problems and their
solution. He must feel that the company has
an interest in his welfare and he must know
this from his own experience. What is his
reaction? He is watching for every oppor-
tunity to help the company. He goes out of
his way to do something for a consumer that
will make a friend for his company. There-
fore he avoids doing anything that might
irritate a consumer.
  I want to emphasize this factor, for it is
the main-spring from which the public good-
will grows. The public knows a company-
not by the spectacular things it does, but by
these daily, personal, little contacts that either

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