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Crocker, T. D. / Sources of good relations with the public

Sources of good relations with the public,   pp. 1-8 ff. PDF (1.2 MB)

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               THE PUBLIC
   (Note: Mr. Crocker's address delivered at
the Annual Convention was very well received
by the Executives and heads of departments
present. The Executive Committee felt that
the message should be passed on to every
employee and official 'in a position of re-
sponsibility, in charge of subordinates, in any
department of our operating organizations.)
  Those of us in the public utility business
hear much these days of the term "Public
Relations". To most of us this phrase sig-
nifies eternal vigilance to earn the confidence
of the public whom we serve. Good relations
with the public is now recognized as one of
the most essential parts of public utility
operation. I shall discuss some phases of the
handling of the problem which may present
some new angles.
  To analyze better the sources from which
good-or bad-relations with the public
originate, let us reduce the complex whole,
namely the indefinite term "Public", to a
simple equation, and consider one element
of the public, an individual, and let us assume
that he is a prospective consumer and follow
his experiences and reactions in his contact
with a utility.
  Our business is fundamentally monopols-
tic. Monopoly means one source of supply.
The user of the commodity which we sell-
gas, street railway transportation, or elec-
tricity-must come to us for service. Now,
the ordinary American citizen dislikes to be
compelled to do anything, so our prospective

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