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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

[Grant Marion Skalet and descendants],   pp. 40-49 PDF (3.0 MB)

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step in ski boots. Many have had a chance to try out their equipment and techniques on this
Grace also wrote a poem about her husband, Grant.
G.     A Gentleman of the noblest kind
A truer man you'll never find.
R.     From reading he gets much pleasure.
Books are among his richest treasure.
A.     His Alertness of mind is also outstanding
And brings to him much learning.
N.     His niche in any neighborhood
Is a pleasant place filled with much good.
T.     He's a thinker with much talent
And to avoid trouble, he oft remains silent.
S.     He's a sweetheart to his wife and child
Very considerate, just and mild.
K.     His kindness to man and beast
Wins him recognition from north, south, west, and east,
A.     His attitudes toward life's challenges
He controls, and very well manages.
L.     Many lullabies has he sung
From which he's derived much fun.
E.     He's eager and earnest, filled with energy
His moral and spiritual strength is extraordinary.
T.     The Target is his most interesting hobby.
Finally, as his wife, I'll say he's a perfect hubby.
What do I remember of the tales of Grant -- firstborn of Sever & Malla Skalet? by
Marguerite Parrell.
He was truly a brilliant child and man. He made top grades in school, especially in
math; but he also excelled in sports. His leadership qualities made him captain of his high
school championship basketball team, a fine catcher on the baseball team, and their best
long-distance runner on the Black Earth track team.
His keen mind sparked his interest in many varied fields. He was a fine hunter &
trapper, probably stemming from his reading one of his favorite books, TheDersla= by
James Fennimore Cooper. He loved guns, and subscribed to "The American Rifleman" for
years. He seldom missed a "shoot" at the Vermont Rifleman's Club cabin.
He had a real passion for photography. Seldom did a family or church event pass
without Grant taking pictures. When video cameras became available, he was among the
first to try its Technology. He would take the camera out & record the beauty of nature,
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