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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

Ancestors of Dorothea (Malla) Marie Venden,   pp. 32-38 PDF (2.0 MB)

Page 38

wealthy man's daughter, but said she could've well been a daughter of a tenant farmer of the
Solberg farm. Many people from there called themselves "Lillesolberg", Lille meaning small
or a part of that larger farm-the feudal system was complicated.
The field that the Venden's owned, or rather had permission to work for themselves after
working on the landowner's farm in the valley, is very steep and rocky. There are piles of
stones in the field and at the edges; years of picking stones from the soil.
They grew primarily potatoes and rye there--Kolbjorn said the Venden family was better off
than many families, because they had some farm animals (pig, sheep, goat, and cow) and
their crop.
I picked a few violets and field flowers to save, and leaves from the birch tree that grows
inside the old house. I also took a splinter of wood from the house logs. Oyvind encouraged
me to take pieces of the house--2 large log ends are in Bo under linseed oil treatment-I hope
I can get them home someday.
You will see two pictures in the back of the book that are from a weekend later when Rune
and I were in Valdres again, and were lucky that Bruflat Church was unlocked--it was all
ready for a wedding that afternoon...
So that has been my adventure in Valdres-its been a wonderful experience and I have
Oyvind, Guri, Kolbjorn, and Rune to thank for it. I hope more people can visit our ancestors
home and all of beautiful Norway. Also on the picture pages, look for the two pictures that
are of the Bagn area in Valdres.
Hjertelig Hilsen,
Page - 38

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