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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

Ancestors of Sever Skalet,   pp. 26-31 PDF (1.6 MB)

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Parents of Ola Persen Piltingsrud (5-1)
PER JONSEN PILTINGSRUD was born in 1706 and died in 1793. Per owned West
Piltingsrud farm fib.
ANNE BJORNSDATTER HOVE was born about 1705 and died in 1793.
Per and Anne had I child:
* 1. Ola (married Anne Hallvorsdatter Amsrud) - born 1731  - died 1809
GENERATION 7: Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents of Sever
Parents of Per Jonsen Piltingsrud (6-1)
JON PERSEN was born about 1645 and died in 1728. He farmed all of West Piltingsrud
(Farm 2) since 1688. In 1699 he bought 2/3 of the farm from Gehard Treschow and in 1717
the inheritance rights from Christian Sorensen of Bragernes. Jon Persen was married two
times. The first wife was (perhaps) Kjersti Olsdatter Piltingsrud, who was buried in 1700, at
64 yrs. old. In 1702 Jon Persen had only one son, Tomas, who married Ingrid Ostensdatter.
Also, Tomas was named as a "buyer" in 1699. In 1703 Jon Persen married again with
Gudbjorg Haraldsdatter from Grimsrud (born about 1679 and died in 1762). Because their
age difference was so great Jon had to believe that he would die before his current wife, thus
he willed her 7 fleeces in 1702. His son Tomas, who was now an adult, 14 or older,
committed to letting his stepmother use that part during her lifetime.
KJERSTI OLSDATTER PILTINGSRUD was buried in 1700 at 64 years of age.
GUDBJORG HARALDSDATTER GRIMSRUD was born about 1679 and died in 1762.
Jon and Kjersti had 1 child:
1. Tomas (married Ingrid Ostensdatter)    -born ?    -died 1778
Jon and Gudbjorg had 3 children:
1. Ingeborg                              -born 1703
* 2. Per (married Anne Bjornsdatter Hove)  - born 1706  - died 1793
3. Tora (Gul Monssen Grimsrud)           - born 1709
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