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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

Ancestors of Sever Skalet,   pp. 26-31 PDF (1.6 MB)

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Piltingsrud sold West Piltingsrud (farm A) to his son Ola Persen (See Skaret). Ola then sold
it in 1814 to Hallvor Olsen Tolleusrud who then sold it a year later to Torgrim Anderssen
Ash (of Hesjabakken).
ELI GUDBRANDSDATTER SORUM was born in 1768 and died in 1793.
Per and Eli had 3 children:
* 1. Ola (married Gudbjorg Sjursdatter Grimsrud) - born 1790 - died 1875
2. Gudbrand (married Tora Olsdatter Flaten)  - born 1791
3. Marit                                - born 1793  - died 1793
Per and Ronnaug had 2 children:
1. Lars (married Gudbjorg Haraldsdatter Haugsrudeie) - born 1800  - died 1835
2. Ingrid (married Hans Eriksen Piltingsrudeie)  - born 1804
GENERATION 5: Great-Great Grandparents of Sever
Parents of Per Olsen Piltingsrud (4-1)
OLA PERSEN PILTINGSRUD was born in 1731 and died in 1809. He married Anne
Hallvorsdatter Amsrud in 1757 who at the time was a widow. Ola came to own all of West
Piltingsrud for some years. He overtook his fathers farm (Ilb) and in 1786 he bought both
farm I and farm Ila. Ole sold half the land (farm A) to his son Per and in 1789 the other half
("Dokka" or farm B) to the youngest son Gudbrand.
ANNE HALLVORSDATTER AMSRUD was born about 1736 and died in 1806.
Ola and Anne had 5 children:
1. Anne (married Ola Arnesen Koparvike)  - born in 1757
* 2. Per (married Eli Gudbrandsdatter Sorum)  - born in 1761 -died in 1833
(second marriage to Ronnaug Larsdatter Garthus)
3. Anders                               - born in 1764 -died in 1784
4. Gudbrand (married Tora Olsdatter Grimsrud) - born in 1767
5. Gudbjorg (Gudbrand Monssen Nord-Sorum) - born in 1772
(second marriage to Ola Olsen Berg)
GENERATION 6: Great-Great-Great Grandparents of Sever
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