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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

Ancestors of Sever Skalet,   pp. 26-31 PDF (1.6 MB)

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Gulbrand and Tonetta had 4 children:
* 1. Sever
2. Alma
3. Hannah Olisa
4. Nora Pauline
- born Feb 4, 1878 (Skalet Homestead)
- born Aug 17, 1879 (Skalet Homestead
-.born May 16, 1881 (Skalet Homestead
- born Feb 6, 1891 (SkaletHomestead)
ALMA never married, she died Jan 8, 1939.
HANNAH OLISA married Joseph Field. She died on Jul 29, 1977. They had 4 children:
1. Esther (married Edward Ottow)
2. Grant
3. Marshall (married Marguerite Karnes)
4. Arnold (married Helen Vingom)
-born 1903
-born 1905
-born 1908
-born 1911
NORA PAULINE married Arthur Knudtson. She died on Oct 15, 1968.
1. Adeline
2. Arthur (married Marjorie Mykleby)
3. Dorothy (married Julius K. Townshend)
4. Valborg
They had 4
-bornNov 29,1913
-born Nov 18, 1915
-born Nov 18,1917
-born Dec 31, 1919
GENERATION 3: Grandparents of Sever
Parents of Gulbrand Olsen Skalet (2-1)
OLE PERSEN SKALET was born on May 17, 1790 in Valdres, Norway. The records show
that Ole Persen sold Skaret to his son Per in 1846 who sold it back to his father in 1857. In
1848, Knut Trefothaugen and his wife Eli Gudbrandsdatter Strandbratan were said to have
lived at Skaret. Ola Persen sold Skaret according to records in 1861, when Ole brought his
family to America, to Hans E. Grimsrud from Grimsrud farm. His son Gudbrand took
ownership of the Skalet farm in Vermont Township in 1866, where Ole farmed with him
until his death. He married Gunhild Haraldsdatter Piltingsrudeie in 1816, and in 1837 he
married Gudbjorg Sjursdatter Grimsrudeie. He died on Mar 3, 1875 in the Town of
Vermont. He is buried in the Vermont Lutheran Church Cemetery.
GUNHILD HARALDSDATTER PILTINGSRUDEIE was born in 1793 at Nerbratan in East
Piltingsrud. She died in 1833.
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