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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

Sever and Malla Skalet,   pp. 7-26 PDF (6.5 MB)

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The following information was copied from a Norwegian Bygdebook (a book that tells the
history of the farms in different areas of Norway.) by Gerhard Neseth a geneologist at the
University of Wisconsin. Thora contacted him a few years ago and he found the following
ancestral history for us. (The book was all in Norwegian, and Jean Bower Amundsen
translated it for me.) Looking into the Strandbratan history, she noticed a Tonette born in
1849. It seems Sever's grandfather, Ola Persen Piltingsrud sold Strandbratan to his younger
brother Gudbrand Persen (1791-1878)   Gudbrand Persen married Tora Oldsdatter
Flaten(1791-1873) in 1816. They had five children and lived on Strandbratan.
* 1. Per(1817-1859)
2. Eli(1820- )
3. Siri (1823-)
4. Anne (1824-)
5. Tora (1828- )went to America in 1852.
Per Gudbrandsen Strandbratan married Anne Marie Hallsteinsdatter Nerby in 1843 and they
had four children, one of whom was Tonette born in 1849. The dates match up, and the
names are so similar that we are pretty sure this would be Tonetta's family. If this is true,
Sever's great Grandfather on his father's side is the same person as his Great-Great
Grandfather on his mother's side. Thora could not verify if all this information is true, but
also feels this could be a match.
Skaret lies up in Muggedalen about 250 meters above sea level, on a flat meadow
down towards the river. Along the new farm road (from about 1956) it lies about 800 meters
from the main road (highway).
Skaret was cleared as a tenant farm before 1800. The first that we know about
anyone living there is Harald Torsteiensen and his wife Gunhild Tordsdatter.
According to folklore, in 1801 there were tenant farmers on the southern part of
Steinsrud. In June that same year the same people are said to have lived on Piltingsrud land
and both were called Piltingsrud when they died in 1810 and 1814. Their daughter, Gunhild
Haraldsdatter later came to Skaret.
With the dividing of Steinsrud in 1796 Skaret was set off as a separate farm. But the
new owner, Gudbrand Amesen (born 1788) the fourth and youngest son of Arne Olsen
Steinsrud, was too young to live there. In 1805 Gudbrand sold Skaret to his brother Tord
Amesen (born 1783) and Tord sold it the same year to Chamberland (court official) Peder
Anker. In 1809 Tord sold Hesjabakken and Muggedalen together to Hallvor Olsen
Sorumseie. Hallvor sold the land with the exception of Skaret the same year to Gudbrand
Persen Piltingsrud. Hallvor sold Skaret back to Tord Arnesen who in 1810 sold it to Ola
Olsen Muggedalen. Included in the sale was Skaret's setra (summer pasture), the northern
part of Valdreshaugen.
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