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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

Sever and Malla Skalet,   pp. 7-26 PDF (6.5 MB)

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DOROTHEA "MALLA" - this name is really a nickname in Norwegian. No one is sure how
she got it, but possibly, when she was a young child going to school, the other children
couldn't pronounce Dorothea (pronounced Dorti) and it came out sounding like Dirty. She
went by Malla all of her life.
GRANT SKALET "GHETTIE" - Not one of the Skalets can remember how this nickname
came about, but Grant was definitely called "Ghettie" frequently.
THORA SKALET GILLETTE "TOS" - T.O.S. are Thora's initials. Later they added the
slash to the 0, and pronounced it Tuss.
JORGEN SKALET "HA RDIG" - When Jorgen was a boy at Helland School, Gay Steensrud
and him were playing football, and the ball went into the road. Jorgen ran after it, but fell
and cut his knee. Just then the bell rang to go back in the schoolhouse. Gay walked by
Jorgen and saw his knee with the skin laying back, and said to him "You're a hard egg!"
Somehow all these names start to sound Norwegian.
STEVEN SKALET "DONNY" later "STEVE" - Donald is Steve's middle name, and he was
called Donny up until he went to school.
GILBERT SKALET "G.O." - In Norwegian, the letter G is pronounced Gay and the 0 is
pronounced Oh, therefore the nickname Gayo. Thora remembers when Gil fell in the water
tank and she was screaming Gayo! Gayo!
MAURICE SKALET "MUTTS" - The story goes that one of the family's hired men, Henry
Sale, would play with Maurice, pretending to be the characters from the cartoon Mutt and
Jeff. Henry would say, "I'll be Jeff and you be Mutts."
DOROTHY MAE SKALET RASMUSSEN            "TUI" AND "HONE"      - No one could
remember how she got Tui, pronounced "Two-ee", but Dorothy could remember that Sever
used to call her Hone, which means chicken in Norwegian, because she'd try to sit on the
chicken eggs and hatch them.
PHILIP SKALET "PUD" - Phil enjoyed the cartoon strip Slim and Spud, but had trouble
saying "Spud", and it would come out "Pud". Phil has been called Pud all of his life. Phil
even named his farm "Pud's Ranch".
PHYLLIS SKALET BOWER "LULY" and "PHOODEE" - When Phyllis was small, the
family called her Luly. Jorgen used to sing a song, "You can bring Peg with the wooden leg,
but don't bring Lulu." and Pud would think that was terrible cause he thought Jorgen was
singing about Luly. Phoodee came about, because Thora's daughter Nitzy couldn't say
"Phyllis", and it came out "Phoodee".
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