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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

Sever and Malla Skalet,   pp. 7-26 PDF (6.5 MB)

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Mr. Otto Festge, sang "Beautiful Savior". The church was packed with people from far and
near to honor the father of the outstanding Skalet Family. Memorials totaled almost $300.00.
I think the following poem, written by Grace Skalet, sums up the kind of man Sever was:
S.     His life is a synonym of honesty and love
His law of life comes from above.
E.     "Everyday Economy" is his best policy.
Luxuries as well as necessities he's provided for his family.
V.     He's virtuous and vigorous, big and strong
His opinions mostly right, seldom wrong.
E.     With a comely reserve he's endowed his offspring,
And gifted them with many talents--you should hear them sing.
R.     His reasoning power is always at work,
Discover "Wild Ideas" if around him they lurk.
G.     His "Ah Goodness" is like a rein holding us in check
And has saved our mind and body from being a total wreck.
S.    "Candy" he teases and offers you his snuff
When you refuse--"It's pretty good stuff."
K.     He's unusually gentle and kind,
Revenge and hatred never enters his mind.
A.     He's amusing in his teasing way
Causing much laughter and gaiety every day.
L.     He's been very lenient with the red,
His influence on others must come from God.
E.     He's an example of everything honest, decent and good
To follow in his footsteps--at least Ity you should.
T.     In these turbulent times he's like an anchor,
If you become confused--your mind he'll clear.
A quote by William J Bennett from the Book of Virtues: There is nothing more influential in
a child's life than the moral power of quiet example. For the children to take morality
seriously they must see adults take morality seriously.
Sever raised his family through this expression of quiet example and all of his 9 children
have grown to be unquestionably moral individuals.
MALLA came to America in the fall of 1881 on a ship from Norway. She was only 6 months
old. She was a seamstress before she was married and traveled different places to sew for
people. After she was married she used her skills to make clothes for her nine children.
Often times the girls' dresses were made from flour or feed sacks. She once made a jacket
for Gil out of Buck Skin from his deer he had gotten during hunting. It was a hard job.
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