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Kvam, Ingerid M. / The Skalet family : ancestors and descendants of Sever and Malla Skalet

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The whole idea of this book began with a smaller vision about a year and a half ago. I
requested information from all the Descendants of Sever Skalet as to their birth dates and
marriage dates. I compiled this into a very small book and gave it to each of Sever's children
hoping they would pass the information on to their families. It was not until spring 1995 that
I received a copy of "The Grinder Family" a complete history book of my mother's father's
side of the family. My uncle Albert had put it together and the book was so interesting, as it
was filled with stories, past and present, and pictures by the tons. My mind started spinning,
thinking I wish I had done more work on the Skalet Family. So this is where it starts.
In July, I started talking to Dad's brothers and sisters about the possibility of doing a book of
this size. They couldn't believe I wanted to take on that much of a project! However, I was
eager to begin. We started, with Thora, Jorgen, Gil, Mutts, Dorothy Mae, Dad, Phyllis, Nitzy
and I getting together for an afternoon of reminiscing. We sure had a good time! Now, the
book was under way. I sent a form letter requesting information from each Skalet as to their
whereabouts, job, hobbies, etc. I also wanted information on their spouses and their
children. This was the part that was frustrating for me. By my deadline of Thanksgiving, I
was still waiting for over half of the responses. Then, I found out Randy and I were
expecting another baby. Through all the days of nausea, the book was not such a high
priority. Then, after Christmas, I finally decided it was time to get this book finished. I
either wrote back, called or visited those I had not heard from. I am happy to say that I have
information on nearly all the Skalets now.
It should be remembered that I have intended this book be fun to read! It is full of old and
new stories, memories, and pictures, pictures, pictures! I hope you all enjoy it and feel a
sense ofjoy knowing you are related to this wonderful family.
My plan is to start with my grandparents, Sever and Malla Skalet, then trace back into their
ancestral history, and after that proceed into a listing of their descendants to the present.
Pictures will be included in a so called "photo album" in the back of the book.
If I went back another generation, it would be too much. The list of descendants would be
more than I could handle.
Instead of most books having the chart/outline form, this book is done more fully and should
be easier to read. Here goes!
The book was officially started on July 25, 1995  --Ingerid Kvam
R. 1, Box 174
Franklin, MN 55333
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