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Service record book of men and women of Mt. Horeb, Wis. and community

World War I veterans: U.S. Army,   pp. 107-109 PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 109

Martin Schneider, Private
Paul Schneider, Farrier
Malcolm F. Seth, Private First Class
Wm. L. Shea, Private
Hiram J. Skuldt, Private
Allen Smith
Edward J. Smith, Private
Henry Smith
Harry L. Sommers, Private
Charles Spaanem, Private
Stanley Starczynski, Private
Ingebright R. Stavick, Private
A. F. Statz
Isadore Statz
Benjamin Stiegman, Private
Ernest Stolen, Private
C. Roy Strange, Private
August J. Strassman, Private
Roy Sweeney, Private
Erwin C. Swenson, Private
Melville Swenson, Private First Class
Elmer Swiggurn
George Swiggum, Clerk
Harry L. Swiggum, Private First Class
Oscar Swiggurn, Private First Class
Lewis A. Swingen, Private
Fountain S. Zintz,
Selmer 0. Syftestad, Wag.
Selmer Arthur Sylvester
Adolph Solvie, Private
Gilman A. Thompson, Private First Class
Olai B. Thompson, Private
Walter R. Thompson, Private
Melvin G. Thompson, Private
Melvin Thorsrud, Private
Martin A. Tollund, Private First Class
Elmer Tvedt
John T. Uebersetzig, Sergeant
Clarence B. Vilberg, Private First Class
Sidney U. Wallen, Private
Ben Wallen, Private
Benignus B. Walsh, Private
Vincent V. Walsh, Private First Class
Carl Walton, Private First Class
Robert Wenger, Private
Herbert H. White
Chancy A. Winegarden, Private
Marvin Winegarden, Private
John V. Wolf, Private
Private First Class

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